4 Tips to Spring Clean Your Job

Spring is here and it’s time to change out the old for the new! Spring cleaning your job is a lot like spring cleaning your life. We spend many hours at work, so it’s important that we renew there as well. While we often see cleaning as tedious and something we have to do, it can actually be refreshing and a great way to move into spring and summer.

With this spring cleaning job list and tips, you can get a fresh restart. With the first of the year out of sight, some of us have fallen back into old routines. While routine is great for productivity, we often let the little housekeeping things slide. When we take some time to get these items in place, we feel so much better! As Spring is now among us, it’s time to clear out the old and establish fresh habits.

Dust Off Your Desk

This is an actual cleaning tip! Do more than just dust – do a good deep clean of your work area. Cleaning may never be fun, but we all work better when our workspace is clean and functional. Use products that smell good and create a sense of wellbeing. If you’re really feeling like you need a change in your office, consider investing in a nice, new chair or another supportive office tool or device.

Start a New Notebook

Who doesn’t love the fresh pages of a new notebook? Start a new paper, notepad, or online document where you can keep track of your daily list(s). Keep one for home and one for business. Starting fresh means prioritizing, keeping things separated and organized, and preparing for upcoming tasks and events.

File Away

We get in the habit of keeping stacks of papers and important information on our desks and in random cabinets. When you get into your job spring cleaning, don’t forget to file! Filing is important, and it keeps all of our paperwork organized. Whether you file actual papers or online copies, file everything. If you aren’t one to file, or you simply don’t have a system in place yet, now is the time. Create a filing and organizational system that will work for you, and one that you will actually do on a daily or weekly basis. If you file and organize as you go, it’s much less overwhelming than starting with a huge stack of papers every single time.

Decide for the Future

With spring cleaning comes a sense of renewal and starting over. What do you want to accomplish in the upcoming year? If that’s too broad of a question, focus your wants and desires on your job and organizational tasks. How could you be more organized? What systems make sense to me? Should I look into a professional organizer or online program that might help me to be more functional? Working smarter is key to eliminate having to work harder. Give yourself that gift this spring – an organized, smarter, and more productive work life!

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