4 Tips for Social Media Success

There’s a lot of talk about social media these days. Not only is it popular for personal use, but businesses are realizing the power and impact behind digital marketing. Despite the abundance of social media advertising information available, it can be hard to determine what you can do to leverage it for personal success.

In general, keeping social media current and frequently updated is key, especially if you hope to land a job in the digital marketing world. If not, it’s still important to keep your resume and work information current and your profiles professional.

  • For Facebook: Keep your info updated and professional. Did you know that you can add your past and current work experience to your profile? Beyond work, of course you can share personal information (that’s what Facebook is for!), but do your best to keep it as professional as possible and avoid photos and information that you wouldn’t want an employer to see.
  • For LinkedIn: This is your online resume, so take extra care to ensure it is current and written with quality. Use the personal Summary section to really shine, as it’s a great place to articulate what you bring to the table in paragraph format. LinkedIn is the ideal site to connect with influencers and decision-makers, so it’s crucial that your information is updated. For bonus points, update your LinkedIn profile with valuable, professional content daily or a few times per week.
  • For Twitter: If Twitter is applicable to a job you’re looking for, make sure you have a presence. If Twitter is of no interest to you, that’s still okay. It’s a great place to find out what is going on in the world through trending hashtags, and it’s another place to learn about companies and organizations. Most people only look to websites and Facebook for company information, but Twitter can give a truly unique insight. You can see how a company tweets and responds on Twitter, which is typically a good barometer of how they work offline.
  • For Google: Google and Google+ are rarely considered to be on the same level as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but they have their place. Google links your account to your Google+ profile and everything else you do on Google (Gmail, YouTube, etc.), so it’s important to have a presence. You can accumulate followers to share your posts and you can also follow other companies, people and organizations that interest you. Success with Google+ is an updated profile, using the +1 feature to show your appreciation for others’ content, and posting to your profile from time to time. Utilizing Google+ demonstrates a higher level of technological and social media knowledge that not everyone possesses.

Take the time to open these accounts and realize the power of social media advertising to gain that home-based job or more clients for your home-based business.

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