Top Ten Things Moms Want For Christmas

10. Santa’s elf to help entertain the children so we can get some work done.

9. Another elf to help get all the Christmas shopping done.

8. One more elf to decorate the tree, and one to keep watch so the kids don’t knock it over.

7. And just one elf to wrap all those gifts.

6. An elf would be nice to put those lights up that honey just hasn’t gotten to yet. (“No dear, I’m not nagging!”)

5. What about an elf to clean up this place? What a mess! And that laundry… oh please say you will.

4. It would be great if we could borrow Mrs. Claus just to do some Christmas baking.

3. And Santa, can you send a personal trainer elf to get rid of some of these extra holiday pounds?

2. Oh and an extra wonderful, loving elf to watch these lil sweet angels so honey & I can attend a holiday party would just be great.


And Santa, number ONE of the 10 top Christmas gifts for Mom is……

1. Some of that magical dust for more hours in the day!


Lesley Pyle is the founder and president of Inc. which includes the national association of Home-Based Working Moms helping moms network, learn and grow in their role as a Home-Based Working Mom and connecting at-home Mom Professionals with home-based jobs and projects in virtually every career field.  Pyle has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Home Office Computing, and many others.  Twitter @lesleypyle and @hiremymom

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