Career Advice from Leading Mom Executives

According to Pew Research, women only make up five percent of CEOs in the nation’s Fortune 500 companies and only 17 percent of their board members. For a woman, running a corporation while balancing a family is rife with issues from business acquisitions to missing school functions. Meanwhile, no one thinks much about how CEOs who are fathers manage to do both.


In a business world dominated by male leaders, the advice from leading mom executives resonates with women everywhere. Whether you’re hoping to gather some inspiration to get back into the workforce or calculate your next career move, these women leaders have insights to share.


Hilary Schneider

President of LifeLock, Hilary Schneider, oversees all aspects of the company’s business strategy from operations to growth and formerly held an executive role at Yahoo. Despite Schneider’s role as a business leader with a focus on strategy, she gave a speech with Arizona Women’s Leadership Forum on the necessity to focus on employee culture as a means for transformation and engagement. Schneider knows that strategy isn’t everything. Ignoring a new generation demanding a better work-life balance is detrimental to business.


LifeLock aligns itself with that same point-of-view with a challenging work environment that still fosters and honors work culture. Wellness rewards, four weeks of paid time off from year one, an anniversary recognition program and tuition assistance are just some of the perks extended to employees to help integrate a balance of work and play into their culture.


Ann-Marie Campbell

President of Home Depot’s Southern Division, Ann-Marie Campbell started at the corporation as a cashier in 1985. Campbell told Georgia State University’s alumni magazine that she loved the personal family atmosphere of Home Depot and being given challenging opportunities. She credits speaking up and staying open to opportunities as a means to get seen and mentored by people who could help.


Campbell believes the world is a community and developing others is truly when you succeed. Home Depot’s job page reflects those sentiments with everything from hiring events to military job seekers, volunteer opportunities and job postings. Moms looking to align themselves with a family-friendly company and emulate the success of their female leaders can set up a Google job alert to keep tabs on positions that get them closer to their goals.


Indra Nooyi

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi shook off criticism when she focused on healthier snack and drink options and pivoted the company. Not one for hiding behind corporate rhetoric and marketing trends, she publicly proclaimed Pepsi needed to address obesity and stuck her ground on the long view instead of what investors wanted to hear.


Nooyi is fearless, but told “Fast Company” that some of the best advice she ever received was to improve yourself in order to improve your organization. Much like any mom, whether a top executive or not, it’s integral to improve yourself in order to help guide the family and create an environment poised for growth.

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