Keys to Getting a Virtual Call Center Job

Many people have asked me how they can get a virtual call center job from home.  Others have advised they were not hired though their skills matched those requested.  Unlike a call center building, virtual centers have an unlimited area in which to recruit meaning there are 100s seeking the same position as you.  The odds of getting a job change from 1 out of 2 at a center to 1 out of 50 for virtual call center.  Below are seven keys to getting a call center job as a virtual agent.

  • Be professional and smile when you speak with the recruiter.  Although it seems silly, the truth is your voice is friendlier while smiling.  This is very important when the recruiter is sitting 500 miles away and only “knows” you through the phone.  Note the recruiter has 100s of applications to fill very few spots.  You want to shine above the rest.  The recruiter is not your friend and is choosing people who will make her/him look good.  Your professionalism is important.
  • Practice, practice, practice answering questions on the phone with a friend.  Be sure the friend is articulate and honest.  You will need to answer with authority, at the correct sound level, and again, with a SMILE.  It isn’t as easy as it seems, so don’t be afraid to practice.
  • Know your computer.   You will be expected to know how to open several browsers at one time and easily search the internet for answers while speaking with the interviewer.  Remember, this is an interview for speaking with the companies callers, and everything you do should reflect capability, understanding, and quality.
  • Be compassionate and empathize with the caller. “I’m sorry you are having this problem.”  “I’m sorry you had to call for an answer.”  “I’m sorry for ___”  This is the number one reason people do NOT get a virtual call job.  You must show you will be empathetic with the caller.  It does not matter who is at fault, who doesn’t understand, or who performed the negative issue.  Your job is to tell the customer you are sorry for the problem and immediately advise you will be “happy to help them”.  There will be several recruiting questions that are tied to the above, so practice this with your friend.  Make it automatic.  Many potential agents think they didn’t cause the problem so why should they say sorry.  Because that is YOUR job, so be prepared to do it

Caller … I dropped my computer on the floor and it does not work.

Agent … I am sorry you are having this problem.  I will be glad to help you.

Caller … I have called several times and the issue is not resolved.

Agent … I am sorry you are having this problem.  I will be happy to help you.

Caller … My dog ate the owner’s manual.

Agent … I am sorry this happened to you.  I will be happy to help you.

Get it? Do it!

  • Answer questions honestly and succinctly.   A good answer is complete but does not need to be long.  Plan on every question taking no more than 2 sentences to answer.  When an answer becomes longer, it wanders off topic and brings up questions in the recruiter’s mind.  You want to answer the question and then stop.  Silence is your friend.  If the recruiter needs more information (Can you give me an example?) then give a short example.
  • Prepare for the trick questions:  Why do you want to work for us? And tell me your worst personality trait (or something like that).  The first answer should refer to how much you enjoy working with and helping people.  The second question is a trick, so never fall for it.  You need to answer this with a positive trait like … My worst quality is that I love to work many hours and have a hard time saying ‘No’ when asked to work more.  Or, “I have a personality of a fixer because I always want to solve people’s problems.”
  • Always have a question available at the end.  The interview will end with the recruiter asking if you have any questions.  This is your chance to ask pertinent questions ie “Will I be able to work additional hours?”  “I am interested in this company as a career, will there be chances for advancement?”  These types of questions are very positive in the recruiter’s eyes because they refer to areas that help the company.  Never ask about vacation, benefits, or money.  These items can be discussed once you get the position.

Good luck.  Be positive, professional, most of all smile during the interview. If you follow these instructions, you will stand out among applications and be able to secure a virtual call center job while working from home.


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