5 Tips to Reduce Stress Working from Home

While working from home eliminates a lot of everyday stresses like commutes and office noise, it can still be stressful with distractions and a lot of sitting.

Most work from home jobs are done via computer, so there’s a lot of time spent sitting, which can be taxing on the body as well as stressful. Although busy days will happen, it’s important to take steps to keep your body and mind as stress-free as possible!


Stretching not only keeps your body loose and limber, it’s a great mental break.  When you can take a minute to release the built-up tension, you’ll look and feel much better throughout your day.

Stretching doesn’t have to be an intense yoga practice, but there are numerous streaming yoga websites that offer 5-minute classes and tutorials that can help you feel better in no time.  In addition to free videos on YouTube, you can try some of these sites for yoga videos ranging from 5-90 minutes.  Another benefit of workouts from home is that you can do yoga in increments throughout your day!

Some sites to try: My Yoga Works – https://www.myyogaworks.com/

YogaGlo – https://www.yogaglo.com/

Udaya – https://www.udaya.com/


Meditation is another way to center the mind and reduce tension, and it doesn’t have to last for an hour! It’s a simple tool that helps you to focus on you breath and being still, all things that can be challenging in our fast-paced workday.

You can now do meditation through a variety of apps and websites, and all it takes is a few minutes of quiet and calm.

Try some of the apps listed in the 5 Best Meditation Apps at Psychology Today.

Walk around

Walking is great for mental health! Believe it or not, a simple walk can change the course of your entire day. Getting your blood flowing and getting out in nature (if possible) is a great way to keep stress levels low.

You can find a variety of 1-3+ mile walking workouts online if weather is an issue, or simply take a 5-20 minute stroll a few times per day outside. It may not sound like much, but walking will lower your stress levels much more than intense exercise.

Time for yourself

Working from home can sometimes feel like you’re trying to do it all at once. Between kids, housework, and actual work, it can be a bit overwhelming.  This is why it is crucial to take time for yourself! Whether you can meet a friend for coffee during the day or want to schedule an after work pedicure, be sure that you’re including these treats every so often.  Small acts of pampering go a long way to reducing stress and giving you something fun to look forward to.


Take a deep breath! When we’re stressed, deep, calming breaths are the first thing to go. Place your hands on your chest and feel your breath go in and out. Do this a few times per day for a few minutes.  The awareness and calm that this brings is important, and it can be done just about anywhere.  Remember to breathe when things get tense – it will help you work through the stress!

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