4 Ways to Spot Scammy Work From Home Jobs

There are many postings and listings out there for work from home jobs.  Unfortunately, a lot of these are very spammy or just plain scams.  Since working from home is so in demand these days, it can be tempting to apply for these kinds of jobs and see where it goes.

Read along for some tips and advice to avoid scams when finding work from home.

Personal information

Avoid and cease communication with any job asking for personal information from the start, as well as anyone asking for money.  You shouldn’t pay to be considered for a job, and if that’s happening, it’s not an appropriate position.

Additionally, if any employer asks you to meet anywhere that sounds strange, or says anything that sends off alarm bells – always question this for your own safety.

Too good to be true

Sometimes you’ll come across positions that sound a little bit too good.  Do you get to work from home for 5 hours per week, make $150,000 with the potential to grow that 10 times in a year?  While that sounds like the job of a lifetime, it’s more than likely not true! These types of outlandish claims are a great clue that the job is less-than-truthful.

Sometimes the grandiose promises aren’t uncovered until you speak with someone.  You might be applying to what seems to be a very normal work from home position, but you might find out that it pays very little, or requires strange networking or payment plans and requirements.  These are typically scams that might make you find new recruits and others as part of the scam.  Avoid these at all costs!


This can apply to being inappropriate in content or inappropriate in requests from the employer.  As a general rule, avoid websites not set up specifically for work from home jobs, as they typically attract a lot of scams.  Also, if they are soliciting personal photos and information – or showing inappropriate photos and information – it’s not a legitimate home based job.

Repeated listings

If you see continuous postings from the same company with very generic information and skillset requirements, this is typically a scam.  You will also find that your emails get bounced back from the listing contact address, which is another telling sign.  As far as repeated listings, scammy jobs often post the same job over and over again, often taking up hundreds of pages with it.  This is almost always some type of scam trying to target as many people as possible.  Avoid these!

HireMyMom.com prides itself on providing legitimate work from home jobs from reputable companies and individuals.  Many jobs sites feature work from home jobs that are simply scams, multi-level marketing opportunities, or other types of illegitimate work that isn’t what most of us are searching for.  When you’re specifically seeking a work from home position, choose a site that’s known for this type of work! You’re far, far less likely to encounter spam and actually find a profitable work from home position.

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