4 Top Tips for Social Media Success

Social media is a key component to a successful business and professional life.  Whether you have your own business or simply want to share information via your own social media channels, it’s important to have some best practices for social media success.

While there are many tips, tricks and “rules” out there to succeed online with social media, here are some of the top professional tips for your profiles and business profiles that will set you apart.

Don’t leave it blank

Whether you started and abandoned a business or you simply lost time to update your Facebook page, do not leave blank profiles! If you know you aren’t going to ever update your business page or your LinkedIn profile is 5 years out of date, it’s best to simply delete it (or never start one to begin with, if you’re considering it!)

When business prospects or potential employers see these profiles, it can be confusing.  What message are your profiles giving off?  Is your business closed?  Are you out of touch with online technology? Be careful of keeping profiles open that you don’t plan to use or update at least semi-regularly.

This also goes for your information – is it updated? Make sure that the image you’re giving off is reflecting what’s current and accurate in your life.  It’s important that you keep your profiles up to date, especially if you’re in the job search market.

Update regularly

Updating is key to using social media as it was intended! While updates of what you’re eating can be great if you’re a food blogger, do your best to provide the best value possible.  Even if you don’t have your own business, what’s an area of expertise that you can post on?  You can still provide value to your audience!

This is especially crucial if you own a business, or if you’re seeking employment.  Employers these days absolutely look into your social media profiles, and the more you can show your expertise, the better.

Keep it separate

Do your best to avoid sales on your personal page.  This isn’t to say that you can’t be friends with your clients, but keep selling to your business page(s).

When you’re constantly utilizing your personal profiles for business, people may decide to unfollow you or at least, may become annoyed with the pushing.  It’s much easier (and up to them to follow) to sell on another page that’s dedicated to your business or sales.  People use personal profiles for personal reasons – keep 90% of sales and business posts to your business pages.

Decide what’s necessary

You don’t need to have a profile on every site, and doing so will likely drive you crazy and drain your bandwidth! Choose a few key profiles that you enjoy, or a few key profiles where your customers and prospects are likely to be.

The top profiles that will offer the most bang for your buck will be Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Although, there are so many industries where Twitter is irrelevant.  Are you a visual company, or do your interests lie in that realm?  Pinterest may be perfect for you! Look into the profiles that will help you both personally and professionally – and choose ones that you’re willing to use on a consistent basis.

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