4 Tips to Prepare for Summer Break

Summer is almost here! In most parts of the country, there are only a few more weeks until kids are out of school, days slow down, and we start planning fun trips and activities for the summer months.

While all this fun goes on, there’s still work to be done.  If you’re a work from home mom, it’s crucial to plan ahead for summer break, so you’re able to enjoy the more relaxed season while still being effective in your job.

Add activity

Since summer is typically a bit less structured in most industries, do you best to add some fun and activity into every day.  These days – and the summer season – don’t last forever, so it’s important to take advantage of them.  A lot more people are taking vacations, half days, Fridays off, and so on, so take that time to make it work for you and your family – and have some fun!

Set it up

Since you’ll likely still have a full work schedule, it might be helpful to enlist childcare and babysitting services ahead of time.  Many of these professionals book up well in advance, so act now to avoid the rush.  While it’s important to make time for your family and kids, it can still be incredibly helpful to have some undivided time for work and personal time.

Another option is to start speaking with your child’s family and friends to set up carpool situations for team sports, activities, and so on.  Have these conversations early, as everyone’s vacation and work schedules tend to change in the summer, so maybe you can all help each other have more family time, as well as more focused work hours.  Look into having these conversations and booking your childcare as soon as possible, so you can ensure that your children are enjoying their time and that you are still maximizing productivity!

Create a summer schedule

As we’ve mentioned, summer tends to be more relaxed – and a lot more fun! The spontaneity of it all is what makes it a magical time of year, but schedules are still important in a family.

Keep a large family calendar on the refrigerator that everyone can add to, and take a look at your weeks and months ahead of time.  Of course things will pop up, but if you can see where your family is and how you’re spending your time, you can more easily take time off to be with them.  Also, it’s helpful to keep some structure in your kids’ days, even if it’s as simple as scheduling a play date once per week.

Make it fun

Since we know that several jobs are more laid back in the summer, simply remember to have fun this summer.  It’s a short but special time of year when almost everyone is home and fun plans pop up all the time.  It’s best to keep a bit of structure but also be prepared to go with the flow.  Set up your plans in the beginning and you’ll gain more time with your kids while keeping your obligations top of mind.

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