4 Steps to Re-Engage with Your Job

Even if you have a job you enjoy, we all get burnt out from time to time. Whether it’s workload or a simple feeling of exhaustion, it’s important to re-engage after a physical or mental break.

Re-engaging with your job doesn’t have to be so tough, and it’s the little steps that help us reconnect with our careers.

Talk it out

Do you have a coworker or friend you can talk to?  Let them know your frustrations and brainstorm ways to get back in the groove.  

With burnout, sometimes just talking about it with someone else is comforting, especially if they’ve been there before – and most of us have! They can provide some perspective, as well as being able to relate, which always makes us feel a little bit better.

Take a break

Although we usually can’t take a full blown break from work, maybe you can knock off a few hours.  If you’re really approaching burnout, try to work more one day so you can take a few hours off later in the week.  

Use that time to get some fresh air or do something you enjoy.  Sometimes a very mini vacation is just what you need to come back refreshed and ready to work hard.

Try something new

Sometimes trying something new can invigorate us in other areas of our lives.  Is there a new craft or exercise class you can attend? Even if it’s just a few times, it may be enough to get you out of your slump.

When we let our minds try something new, it can breathe new life into our situation.  Even if it’s not job related, it can step us out of our routines, which may be the reason for burnout in the first place.

Try a fitness, yoga or cooking class, or get into another healthy habit, such as evening walks or meeting up with a friend or family member.

Plan it out

Plan out little ways to keep things interesting and take mini breaks.  Although work is important, staying engaged with our job is key to personal and professional growth.  We all get burnt out from time to time, but planning for the future can be helpful.

Map out your next few weeks when you have a few moments of downtime, as seeing your work days planned out can give you a boost to check those items off your list. 

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