4 Holiday Gifts for the Home Based Worker

The home based worker needs similar things to those who work in a traditional office, but they have to purchase the items themselves! Setting up a home office can be an expensive task, especially if you choose to adhere to ergonomically-correct furniture and quality supplies.

Read along this holiday gift guide for your favorite home based worker. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you can give the gift of an efficient, comfortable home office.

Good desk and chair

First on the list is a good desk and chair for their office.  Quality office furniture is not always low cost, but it’s worth it for the time that will be spent using it, as well as the wear it can take on the body.

There are numerous options out there, but start by searching for “ergonomic desk” and “ergonomic chair” as starting points.  From there, user reviews and specifications can help you make a decision.

Here are some tips for ergonomically synchronizing your workspace and optimizing your workspace.

Quality lighting

Lighting is important in an office, and most homes aren’t equipped with office-quality lighting. Give the gift of rested eyes and focus with some quality lighting ideas. This doesn’t need to be an expensive purchase, but care must be given to quality and specifications.

Here are some general tips for good lighting:

  • Use task lighting: Task lighting is important in adding contrast levels to aide in reading.  This might look like a small desk lamp or larger reading lamp to focus on smaller tasks.

  • Remove overhead lighting: It is distracting and can cause headaches, and you’re better off using a lamp or lamps with shading to eliminate glare.

  • Use the right shades: The right lamp shade makes a big difference in making the room too light, too dark, casting shadows, and so on. Make sure you choose one that not only fits the lamp, but fits the need for a relaxed office environment.

Here are some additional tips in choosing the right office lighting.


Stationery is one of those things that you may not use everyday, but it truly adds something to the sender and the recipient.  Quality stationery makes an impression, and it’s a fun way to involve personal branding in your home based job.  Even if your gift receiver doesn’t have their own business, you can go the personal route and just simply use their name and address.

Be sure to avoid using abbreviations, formally write out the address, and choose a font, style, and border (if applicable) that would really speak to them.  It’s also nice to include some different options, such as letters, envelopes, notepads, etc.

Here are some additional tips to order the correct stationery.

Fun office supplies

Fun office supplies will vary from person to person, but everyone likes to have some unique, thoughtful items at their desk.

A nice, high quality planner is one item that can be gifted across the board. Whether they are male or female, organized or disorganized, almost everyone can use a planner.

As far as truly stunning planner options, the Create 365 is a good one, as are the Erin Condren planners.  They both offer a higher quality, offer customizable options, and also have fun items added, such as stickers.

The home based worker on your list will appreciate these thoughtful, practical gifts for their home office.  Do your best to choose items that they wouldn’t necessarily choose for themselves – higher quality, effective items are always appreciated this time of year! 

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