3 Ways to Make Money Over the Holidays

There are three simple ways to make money over the holidays – and they will all put some extra cash in your pocket this upcoming holiday season! Not only will you come out with more money, you’ll gain different experiences and ways to create more income on a regular basis.


The holidays are known for being a time when we spend money, not make it. Although this is common as we’re giving gifts to loved ones and donating to charities we support, you can still make money around the holiday season.


Utilize the Online Sites


Online job search sites such as HireMyMom.com are great for extra income. Not only do they provide job opportunities, but all jobs can be completed remotely – or from home.


The holidays are already an incredibly busy time of year, and avoiding an extra commute is key to keep stress at bay. When you join HireMyMom.com, you can easily search for jobs from the comfort of your own home.  In a matter of days, you could be getting paid to do what you love in a virtual environment.


HireMyMom.com works with top notch companies and potential employees who are looking for genuine, legitimate jobs. Take a look around and find that job that might be helpful for the holidays – and possibly even into the New Year!


Find Something Seasonal


Seasonal work is common this time of year, as the stores need a lot of extra help with increased customers and demand. Between department stores and small local businesses, it’s typically fairly easy to find places looking for seasonal workers.


Also, as the job is seasonal, you can simply see it as a way to bring in extra funds.  If you also work another job, the extra hours will not last forever.  If you have a bit of extra time, finding seasonal work is a great way to supplement your income, spread some holiday cheer, and stay busy during the season.


Clean It Out


This is a great time of year to clean out your closets! Many items can be donated, but brand new items or more obscure items may be better off as sold.


There are numerous ways to sell your items – online via eBay, Craigslist, and so on; in person via local Facebook “buy and sell” groups, and of course, the ever-popular garage sale, which is really only applicable if you live in a warm climate!
Selling items that you aren’t using is a great way to make room for the new items you’ll likely gather from the holidays, as well as bringing in some extra cash.


Taking some time to look through used clothing, new clothing that you won’t use, or various household items – there are bound to be several things that you don’t need anymore.

All in all, making money over the holiday season is a relatively simple task.  Go through your unused items, inquire about potential seasonal work, and go online for home based options at sites such as HireMyMom.com. You’ll find the holidays less stressful on your bank account in no time!

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