3 Time Management Tips for Work From Home Moms

Working from home requires you to be very effective at time management. Although you may work for a company, much of your workday is still dependent on your own schedule and ability to be a self-starter.

Adding children into the mix can make this even more of a juggling act, so time management truly becomes #1. Follow these simple time management tips for work from home moms to keep you on the right (and productive) track.

Write it out

Scheduling is important, and as a work from home mom, scheduling for the whole family becomes crucial. Time and time again, people do better with time management when they see everything written out in front of them.

A solution for this is a large family calendar, either placed on a kitchen island, attached to a side door, or on the refrigerator.  Simply write out all known commitments at the beginning of each month and consult the calendar each day for a few minutes of updating. Teach every family member to consult the calendar as well, perhaps even color-coding for greater ease of use.

When everyone is in the habit of looking at the calendar and remembering commitments, it makes your days much more productive and efficient.


Delegation is so important for work from home moms! Not only are you working, but you’re taking care of kids as well. Call upon friends and family members when you need their help, and look into programs, camps, and groups for kids when they’re home.

On the business side, especially if you have your own business or do freelance work, look into hiring a Virtual Assistant or some additional help with your busywork. There’s no shame in not doing it all, and it’s the key to reducing stress and increasing productivity.


One of the many benefits of being a work from home mom is the ability to multitask.  You can do laundry while you work! Create a weekly plan of attack – write out your household responsibilities and job responsibilities, and add in short breaks to throw in a load of laundry or start dinner early.

This allows you to get housework done in the same time that you’re working – a double bonus!  You can really get a lot done this way, all while managing your time and having more hours in the evening to yourself and your family.

Work from Home Tips

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