3 Steps to a Successful Job Search

A thorough, successful job search can seem like a part-time job! To do it correctly and effectively, you often have to dedicate a lot of time and effort into the process.

Although creating a professional is first and foremost, it is just one of several components of a successful job search; the others include: materials, preparation, and mindset.  With these three tools at the ready, you’ll be well-equipped to succeed in finding your ideal position.


As we mentioned before, materials are the first thing you must nail down. A professional, grammatically correct resume, cover letter, and any portfolio pieces are all important.  Include information that is specific and provides numerical support, or includes recommendations as part of the package.

Your cover letter should specify the desired position, what you bring to the table, and any applicable job experience.  Portfolios are necessary for most jobs these days, and you can either build one in a binder or via an online portfolio option.  Create your materials first, as you’ll need to be ready to send them at a moment’s notice.


Preparation is the all-encompassing theme of a solid job search, and it’s something that starts at the beginning of your search and ends with the follow through.

You start preparing by creating your materials, reviewing them yourself and with a friend or family member, finalizing them, then beginning the actual search.  Your search is also something to prepare for! What kind of job are you looking for?  Do you want to work from home? THere are specific work-from-home job sites like HireMyMom out there, for the specific purpose of working from home.  There are also industry-specific job sites which can be helpful if you’re looking to stay in a particular field.

Following up is the last part of the puzzle, but one to look into right away; don’t wait until your first interview and realize you aren’t prepared with any sort of follow-up.  Start by creating the content of an email inquiring about the status of the job position, as well as the content of a thank you note for your interviewer.  Once these are at the ready, all you have to do is add in a bit of personalization for each interview.

Come up with a list of sites to search, a materials-needed checklist, and a list for follow through.


Mindset is #1 in almost everything we do, and the job search is no different.  It can be tough out there, and sometimes job searches can go on for a very long time.   Prepare yourself mentally that it could take a while, and determine what you really want from the get go.  While your dream job might not show up immediately, it’s important that you don’t settle and take a job that you cannot see yourself enjoying or succeeding in.

Know what you want, persevere in your search, and stay positive.  If you have solid materials in place, additional necessary preparation completed, and a great mindset, your next job is closer than you might think!

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