3 Must-Haves For Your Home Office



When you work from home, most of your time is spent working from your home office.  While design is important for mood and functionality, there are a few key elements that are necessary to keep your body healthy and supported.


Office equipment that allows you to work in a way that’s healthier (coupled with frequent breaks!) allows you to be more comfortable and productive.  We all know that constant sitting is bad for our health, so these items aim to keep your body in alignment as much as possible beyond standing.


Comfortable Chair


A comfortable chair isn’t just important for the obvious reasons – it has health benefits. Choosing a chair that allows your weight to be distributed evenly, provides lumbar support, and fits your body is key.


If possible, go to the store to choose your chair to see what works best for you. If you’re unable to find something suitable in the area, there are numerous sites online that cater to (and provide excellent search results) for supportive chairs.


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Good Lighting


Straining to look at your screen or office supplies is truly awful for your eye health. Spend a bit extra on good lighting in your office, as well as additional office lamps that will keep the light close to your work station.


Also remember to choose lighting that isn’t harsh – it can cause headaches and anxiety if you’re working long hours. Choose warm, soft lighting – but enough that it illuminates your workspace and eliminates strain.


Here is some additional information on eye strain and how to prevent the effects.


Ergonomic Desk


Just as a supportive chair is important, so is your desk. Your eyes should be level with your computer screen so you’re not cranking your neck or looking down.  If you do these things, it can truly cause long term postural and musculoskeletal issues.


Ergonomic, height-adjustable desks allow you to set what you need and work in a supportive way.  In general, it’s important to invest some money up front in making your office healthy and happy for you.  While it’s fun to plan the visual side of your home office, spend the bulk of your investment on the items that will keep you feeling great. Here are some more general tips on creating such a workspace.


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