3 Key Personality Traits in Home Based Workers

Working from home takes a special personality, as you aren’t working within the normal confines of a traditional workplace. Although anyone can learn and adjust their strategy to be successful, certain innate traits will make a home based career much simpler.


The traits below are most suited for working from home, so if you see yourself in them, rest assured that you will likely be successful working from home. If not, you’ll know what to work on if a home based career is your ultimate goal.


Independent Self Starter


The ideal work from home employee is highly independent and not afraid to be a self starter. They are used to working by themselves, save for some phone calls, video chats, and emails between employees and clients.


Since you aren’t in an office, you’ll have to motivate yourself, and sometimes, without someone giving you direct feedback and orders, it can be tough to stay focused.  Independent self starters are very capable of handling these long stretches of alone time, and they can get work done while they do.  They aren’t hesitant to start work and often work ahead to make sure they stay productive and on task.




Those who work from home must be very organized. Organization in an office environment is also incredibly useful, but for home based work, it is crucial. First of all, it’s highly likely that you’ll be working with a variety of employers and/or clients, so keeping them straight and tasks complete is first and foremost.


Organization can be as simple as task and to do lists, or as complex as employing a third party system to keep things in place. The ideal home based worker knows that they’ll need to be organized, and they’ll likely already be working this way in a traditional setting.


Time Manager


Time management comes along with organization, but it’s a separate component all its own. You can be organized without having a good concept of time management and working from home requires both.


Organization is the process of keeping everything in order and completed, while time management ensures that everything is done in a reasonable time frame that still leaves you time to lead your life.

When you work from home, it can be easy to get caught up in distractions and other items in your house.  The TV, radio, and so on are much more easily accessible in a home office.  Time management is one task that you can’t take too seriously.  If you make it a priority, you’ll be able to work the same amount of hours as an office job, while in the comfort of your own home.

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