Freelance writer and blogger with a passion for the media industry. As a new mom, I am passionate about piercing strong reviews of mommy and baby products and techniques. I know all too well the reality of, “what am I doing”!

I have been writing for years and even though I stopped because of mommy hood, I am ready to get back out there and show the world my many talents and creativity! Am I up at 3am? Yes, I am! I’m not just checking emails but I’m also on social media looking at different products, reading blogs, and looking up recipes that I can make in my spare time. I love social media and what it can offer for everyone!

Taking a chance in life is what it’s all about. Whether that is moving across the country, or just taking a course in something I am passionate about. I’ve lived abroad – China was amazing! I went back to school and took writing classes to refresh my writing skills, where I was able to write great articles for The Bellevue Watchdog, then becoming an editorial intern for 425 Business and also hosting videos for Bellevue-dot-com.

Some key points about me:

~ I think outside of the box and I love to write. I’m not just saying that, I can prove it, I even have a blog.

~ My brain constantly comes up with ideas and thoughts – I’m very detailed, sometimes too detailed but that works to my advantage. Don’t worry I can shorten a story!

~ I like a good challenge, ask me to do something and I’ll research the bananas out of it, but don’t ask me to bungee jump because I have a major fear of heights!

~ If you ask for my help, I’ll be there as much as you need – I enjoy teamwork because it builds character and trust.

~ Travel is my thing and I thrive on adventure. I’ve lived in a lot of cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, and Shanghai. I have no problem learning and experiencing then telling you all about it.

Specialties: Print media, radio, TV, and broadcast.