We’re looking for a content writer with experience in the Health, Nutrition, Beauty and/or Supplement fields. The content we have in mind are roughly 1000 word articles to be featured on our blog. Although the quality of the article should be higher than a typical blog post, as we would like to go deeper with proving backup claims to any benefits that our products might carry and educating the readers beyond just providing content for content’s sake.

The workflow is as follows:

1) We provide the angle and rough outline of the article, with key headings, notes on SEO focus, potentially useful internal and external links
2) The writer then produces a complete article according to the above specifications, which might require additional research. We expect that each project (1000 word article) can be completed within 3 hours, including any research time.

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Please provide previous writing examples for review. Focus is on the Health, Nutrition, Beauty and/or Supplement fields