Hi my name is Steven Mayer, and I am a partner in a consulting company in Canada. We help our clients setup and scale Amazon stores by letting them leverage our successful and skilled team. We are continuously growing and are looking for some help!

Currently, we have an email support system so that when someone signs up, they can ask questions to this email and get an answer from one of our customer service reps. We are looking to bring a Client On-boarding Agent on to assist with clients getting started properly and to address any small questions they may have.

This job will average 7-8 hours per day but will likely start around 3 or 4. Some days might be more, some less. Obviously we’d like to grow alongside the winning applicant (you?) to offer as much employment as you’d like, although we need to walk before we can run.

The winning applicant (possibly you?) must absolutely have the following equipment:
– reliable high-speed Internet access
– fairly strong computer/laptop capable of handling media files

The winning applicant (possibly you?) must absolutely have the following characteristics:
– detail-oriented
– very friendly with people
– patience
– strong ability in client conflict resolution
– Canada or USA-based
– tech-comfortable
– above-average English

Projects you’ll be involved in include:
– Helping new clients onboard into our system correctly
– Answering any minor questions they have along the way
– if question/concern needs attention by someone on the team, relaying that information to them so that it gets handled as quickly as possible

– starting as soon as we find a qualified applicant
– 30-day trial to begin; if we like each other we’ll continue

– monthly at $2000/mo. This is a start and can increase as we grow together.

– each week may fluctuate somewhat, but average of 3-4 hours per day to start. Eventually will scale to 7-8 hours if you can handle that

If you’re interested…Email contact@valiantconsultants.co In the subject line please write “Customer Friendly Mom from (insert your city/ town) interested in your position available”

In the body, please write me a 14-sentence email including:

Three sentence opening salutation that says:
“Hey there SM, what’s happening up in Canada? My name is _____, I’m customer friendly, am comfortable with technology, and love talking to people. I’d like to apply for the job you posted”

Reason #1: why you think this job is a fit for you. (black font, Courier, 3 sentences)

Reason #2: why you think this job is a fit for you (blue font, Verdana, 3 sentences)

Reason #3: why you think this job is a fit for you (red font, Courier, 3 sentences)

Closing statements including: An example of a conflict you’ve dealt with before and how it went, and a closing salutation including your name, email address, and phone number.

Note: Please do NOT attach a resume; if you are shortlisted I may ask for one later.

Thanks I know the *right* applicant will really like this job. Maybe it’s you!

Steven Mayer

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