We are in need of an online business manager.

Responsibilities include:

  • Project management to keep day-to-day production moving for clients
  • Regular updates to clients – 48-hour email response time (helping me pull from my inbox at first until clients are “trained” to contact just you)
  • Light tech work at times – ActiveCampaign, WordPress, etc.
  • Light graphic design work at times – helpful if you have somewhat of a “design eye” and at least basic working knowledge of Canva

Tagged as: administrative, canva, CRM, project management, technical

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We Find Your People.

We are a digital media agency specializing in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube advertising. We do all design, video editing animations, copywriting, audience research and placement as well as monitoring, reporting and optimizing ongoing ad campaigns.

We also offer graphic design and web development work, especially when it's helpful for promoting our clients' offers.


administrative and project management, technical aptitude will help a lot for things like working in ActiveCampaign CRM, light WordPress edits, Canva / light graphic design skills are also a plus