I’m looking for a highly organized, persistent, and personable individual to take on a critical new role in my growing real estate company! Knowledge of the below topics is not necessary at all – I will train you on the entire process! I’m much more interested in the way you think, communicate, and contribute.


  • Initial due diligence on incoming leads
  • Review properties with management
  • Making contact with qualified leads
  • Arranging and managing property closings
  • Data management
  • Revival of stale leads

Qualities of the ideal candidate

Why highly organized? The team needs to be able to count on the right data being in the right place at all times. This position is the entry point of all property information for the company. As the saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” We can’t have garbage going into the business!

Why persistent? Deals are hard to get and sometimes people go dark! We have to stay in touch and keep trying to make deals happen. We don’t want opportunities squandered.

Why personable? We need someone that makes others feel comfortable on the phone. We want to build rapport immediately to make deals go smoothly and make sellers want to go with us in the event there is competition.


After an initial six week training period, the work schedule will be very flexible. During the training period, we’ll meet via video conference to go over the tasks and work flow, answer questions, and do everything we can to set you up for success! We’ll also create videos as we go for reference as needed. After training is complete, you and I will meet briefly most days of the week to go over incoming leads and decide which to pursue. Please tell me about a time your persistence paid off in your response to this post. As familiarity and competence grows, we’ll add more autonomy and responsibilities. This role will be critical to the growth of the business and there will be TONS of opportunity for increasing earnings and promotion. This will be 1099 with the opportunity to transition to W2.

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My company buys and sells vacant land all over the USA. We're entering year #2 and looking for a new team member to help us scale up! Our team is completely distributed, so location is unimportant.


Needs computer, phone, and general computer skills.