This position’s primary focus is to help us grow our presence on Instagram and TikTok. The content coordinator will create Instagram & TikTok content (such as carousel posts and short form video content), repurpose newsletter content as well as create marketing materials using our podcast episodes. This role is much more than editing & posting social media content. We are looking for someone who is excited about our mission, is incredibly proactive and strategic, and is a team player. This is a fully remote position.

Tagged as: content creation, copywriting, social media

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75% of female-identifying entrepreneurs are generating less than $50,000 a year in gross revenue. The majority of which generate less than $30,000 a year. Only 12% hit six figures. Naomi Powell, founder of The Lifestyle Edit, is committed to changing that. We know that when female entrepreneurs break six-figures, they’re not only able to invest in systems and teams to expand their impact, they’re also able to take home a consistent salary that provides security and peace of mind personally, too.

We're here to challenge the women in our community to rise to their full potential; to know that their desires are there for a reason; that they can do hard things and that the secret to unlocking the business of their dreams is tapping into the unwavering versions of themselves. We exist to help them change their financial trajectories while doing the inner work to become the kind of women who get to be, do and have it all.


The ideal candidate possesses the following strengths and skills: A strong understanding of the importance of high-quality content in the online space and intimate knowledge of all the steps involved in the content creation process You enjoy creating content that will help female entrepreneurs increase their impact and revenue You’re an effective communicator, especially in writing, and have a knack for taking big concepts and breaking them down so they’re easy for people to understand You are proactive about content that needs to be created and stay up to date with social media and short-form video trends . You have the ability to come up with creative content and don’t hesitate to jump in and implement. You can take a concept and repurpose it in a clear and concise matter You have excellent attention to detail - you pay careful attention to the little things like spelling and grammar You understand the importance of keeping a consistent brand voice You are resourceful, adapt quickly, and aren't afraid to present alternative strategies or solutions You have experience creating and repurposing content as well as a strong skill set in social media marketing You are familiar with list building, digital course creation, online launching, and business & mindset coaching industries Familiarity with Slack, Google Drive, Google Docs, Zoom, and ConvertKit is a plus. Juggling multiple projects is no problem for you — you are able to meet deadlines and communicate with a team in a clear & concise manner.