Looking for a savvy internet marketer who can help me advertise our new course “Start Here Now.” The course is for entrepreneurs/solopreneurs who have just started their business or are just about to start a new business. The course is designed to give them 20+ years of practical guidance in a very short period of time. Tips, tricks, on the ‘must-haves’ and the ‘nice-to-haves’ when starting a new business. Resources and references (like this site), to save them hours of time and mistakes. Here is the synopsis of what’s it’s about and who it’s for:

  • I love to work with and help entrepreneurs. I love to help them thrive. I love to bring clarity to their vision, hopes, dreams.
  • I hate it when things feel overwhelming and doubt starts to creep in.
  • So, we created a simple course on how to jump-start a business and save a ton of hours and frustration on many of the things they will encounter. Having these basics down promotes confidence. Confidence promotes action. Action promotes results.
  • The result? Entrepreneurs get insider access to the key building blocks of a successful business.

This is a quasi-consumer (b2c), quasi-business (b2b) sell. So the ads will need to attract both sides of that mindset.

Think about it like you were going to start your own business doing ______ (consulting, dentist, plumber, jewelry-maker, cookie-maker, logistics expert, Salesforce implementor, personal coach (life or sports), an expert/how-to ___, etc.)

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We are a full-service marketing and design company working with entrepreneurs since 1997. We have clients in every industry -- from corrosion to catering; custom recognition symbols to money management; sugar to sign making. There isn't a week that goes by where someone doesn't ask me something about 'how-to' on the marketing and sales side. So, we decided to wrap all that knowledge up, make it fun and easy to digest and keep the price-point low so anyone can afford it.


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