Looking for a professional appointment setter comfortable calling on owners/presidents of small businesses ($500k to $20M revenue) in Texas. All information will be provided. You must speak English and have a good understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset. Ideally, you’ll have a passion for business owners who want to successfully transition out of their businesses in a happy, healthy and profitable way.


We are an experienced team of entrepreneurs who want to help other entrepreneurs successfully exit their companies. While there are numerous places entrepreneurs can go to start a business (incubators), there are virtually no good options for entrepreneurs who are knee-deep in the day-to-day running of their businesses when it comes time to exit their business. Owners of smaller companies ($500K to $20M revenue) don't have the time, energy, or expertise to sell their companies. All too often, they wake up one day and realize they have been so focused on running the business that they don't have a business that they can sell for enough profit to enjoy their retirement. It's always 'some day' but that day never really comes. We want to change that for them. We know there are only a handful of tools they need with a proven path to follow — one that fits into their world without much disruption and using the resources they have. We want to help them pass on their legacy joyfully and profitably. Most of these companies will be manufacturing or service-based, like plumbing. Second or third generations often own these businesses. All we want is an opportunity to visit with them and learn a little about what they want for their future and the future of their business. Our goal is to prepare the business in a way that is highly attractive to a buyer or get it in the best shape possible for a future generation. We want to help these entrepreneurs fall back in love with their businesses and provide a future for them. It only takes a few tools, and a little real-world training (and a few better habits), and their lives can be theirs again.


Articulate. Patient. Inspiring. Confident. Enthusiastic. Organized. Eager to help others.