We’d love to find YOU … if YOU are looking to be appreciated for your experience in training & development and/or curriculum/instructional design and can help our growing coach-training organization with this project:

Review already-transcribed Otter.ai transcripts from past classes and convert them into an instructional guide for instructors. We’ve already done this for one of our 12-week leadership coach-training programs, so we have samples for you to work from. Now, we need to create the same for our other programs.

The next program we’re tackling is a 10-week class (90-minutes each weekly class) that teaches coaches how to coach from a strengths-based approach. We’ve already created the instructional guide/lesson plan for 1 of the 10 weeks, and are working on the 2nd week now, but need help quickly. That’s where you come in. We’d like you to start with just one of the 10 weeks (likely, week 3 or week 4 depending on how soon you can start).

If your deliverable is a good fit, we’ll ask you to do the remaining weeks as well. The latter weeks in this 10-week course do not require as much detailed breakdown because there are larger chunks of time spent with students practicing their coaching skills.


The level of detail we’re looking for will include creating a Google doc using a four-column table with rows for each block of time within the 90 minutes. The four columns within the table include:

* the time stamp for each activities (e.g., Hour 1, min 00-03, or Hour 1, min 03-33) and total number of minutes spent on the activity (a few activities are 3-5 minutes, while other activities such as a coaching demonstration are 25-30 minutes) — you’ll look at the transcript and/or listen to the Zoom archive and determine how many minutes was spent on the activity.

* label the focus of the activity and, for some class segments, identify a learning objective — we need extra help here to tighten up clear learning objectives. In some cases there are learning objectives, in other cases not. In cases where there is not a clear learning objective, you’ll suggest what you think would be helpful.

* a description of the activities, including embedding a screen capture of accompanying PowerPoint slides or other visual associated with the activity (we’ll provide the past PowerPoints or other docs needed), the instructor’s talking points from the transcript of the concept being taught, the prompts the instructor used to engage class in facilitation, some synthesis of key points the students in class offered or questions the students asked. A full start-to-finish sample will be provided when you get started.

Again, we’ll have you start with converting the ONE 90-minute past class, and if it’s a good fit on both sides–you and us–, there are 7 or 8 more for this strengths-coaching program, plus we have other 10-week leadership-coaching and 8-week career-coaching programs that need instructional guides/lesson plans.


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We are on this planet with a mission to "Change Minds, For Good"! For 20 years, we have trained leadership and career coaches and spent the better part of our last 10 years gobbling up the latest research on neuroscience. Translating neuroscience findings into brain-friendly coaching techniques is our passion. We’ve trained coaches on six continents: HR/OD professionals, MBA/university career coaches, coach solopreneurs, and more.



1) Experienced with training and development and/or curriculum/instructional design. 2) An interest in leadership development, professional coaching, human potential, and/or learning and development. 3) Extremely attentive to detail, including consistency in languaging and also in formatting of documents. 4) Completely fluent English skills, good grasp of English grammar, punctuation, syntax. This is a MUST. 5) Immediate availability to turn around the first deliverable within 3 days, and a collaborative/curious working style, where you'll reach out, ask questions, and collaborate with us if you have questions or suggestions (the project lead is in California Pacific Time Zone and typically available between 5am to 7pm PDT).