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Administrative: 3 years (Required)
Calendar management: 3 years (Required)

Full Job Description
We design and engineer golf equipment for the everyday golfer.
We are a leader in e-learning for golf instruction today.

Who: The founder of this company, Tim Oyler, a successful entrepreneur with over 200MM in sales direct over the years. My goal is to attract and hire the very best people to help our portfolio coaching companies thrive and prosper.

How: Our proven marketing models have achieved great success since 2010.

We are looking for an Executive Assistant to manage projects on behalf of the CEO. Employees are provided a full suite of value-add benefits including competitive compensation and healthcare.


You serve as an Executive Assistant reporting directly to the CEO. This means you are responsible for executing processes and will work on a one-to-one basis on a variety of tasks related to the CEO’s working and personal life.

Because of your dependability, accountability & proximity to the CEO you are considered a key player of the Administrative Team and organization.

The team is fast-paced and what’s most important is your speed of response, execution, and your availability to accommodate the CEO’s ever-changing schedule. To be the best Executive Assistant you will need to be dependable, flexible, calm under pressure, a strategic thinker, and also able to work quickly when needed. You will also need to be proactive in ensuring that the CEO is prepared for the day, week, and month.


Managing projects on behalf of the Founder/CEO to ensure the team is held accountable and KPIs are met.
Assist and communicate with executives in decision-making, program management, and initiative implementation.

Meeting Minutes on the Weekly Executive Meetings, Executive’s 1-1’s, and, as well as documenting project status from these meetings to hold attendees accountable.
Project Management of new Portfolio coaching clients. Ensuring proper onboarding experience (given the involvement of the CEO) and ongoing communication, since we are a small team.
Each week, ensure the CEO’s agenda is set. You will do this by taking all items/projects that are needed and prioritizing them, then blocking off times of the day for them to work on each. Your job is to ensure maximum productivity within their working hours.
Managing Monday.com board of activities. This gives transparency to the  Executive team to cross-collaborate and ensures there is no crossover. Non-negotiable.
Debrief CEO each day on emails/messages/requests/inquiries that you are unable to respond to without her insight.
Dealing with all incoming communication inquiries on behalf of the Founder and CEO, specifically emails and inquiries on the website for coaching clients.
Assisting the Founder and/or the CEO in the execution of new projects and objectives within the company. This can range from scheduling meetings to filling out any and all paperwork to managing vendors and follow-ups to launching a new traffic funnel.
Organizing travel and complicated itineraries and collaborating with the Administrative Team.

Conserves executive’s time by reading, researching, and routing correspondence; drafting letters and documents; collecting and analyzing information for the CEO as requested
Organize events on the CEO’s behalf
Reminding the Executives of important tasks and due dates as well as decisions to be made
To assist with any other tasks not directly in need of the Founder & CEO

Research and purchase gifts for both business and personal occasions
Assist with personal tasks such as mail organization, vendor management, and deliveries.

Projects are managed on Founder & CEO’s behalf on Monday.com in a transparent and organized manner
Portfolio coaching clients  have a five-star experience when interacting with you and the company
Vital business and any/all personal appointments are set and pre-scheduled as requested, keeping in mind distance, drive times, and time between events to accommodate the Executive’s life.
Appropriate research is done on behalf of the Executive to help direct focus involving new projects, ventures & anything else needing attention
All interactions are screened and handled appropriately, reaching out to the CEO as needed for decision-making.
The executive’s calendar is pre-planned each week or created/reviewed on that Monday of so that the Executive’s maximally effective to move the business forward.

Monday.com board is updated at minimum EOD each day
All inquiries on the Website/Email are answered by EOD each day.
Meets with the CEO as requested to debrief on that day’s Agenda.


Works well under tight deadlines and pressing situations
Ability to adapt to a fast-growing company
Proven success with project management
HIGH managerial skills
Ability to design organizational systems on behalf of the Administrative Team
HIGH communication skills
Ability to learn software quickly
Efficient with email, phone, scheduling, etc..
Able to consistently maintain a positive attitude and reflect the demeanor of the CEO
Be the type of person with whom people are always proud to associate, personally and professionally. We look for true alignment of thoughts, words, integrity, and actions towards a goal worth pursuing.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $40-50 hourly


Monday- Friday– TBD
On call
Weekend availability- if needed


Administrative: 3 years (Required)
Calendar management: 3 years (Required)
Work Location: Remote