We are seeking a motivated Social Media/ Marketing Administrator to effectively engage with financial industry professionals. Our objective is to achieve exceptional client engagement, drive website traffic, new members, increase revenue through strategic utilization of social media and email marketing.

The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience with a variety of social media platforms and course platforms, as well as the ability to optimize content for maximum engagement. This role will require actively participating on behalf of our CEO on social media while promoting courses and conferences.


Build and Execute a social media and marketing strategy.

Generate, edit, publish and share daily/weekly content ( through SMS, images & video) in order to build meaningful connections and encourage community members to take action as well as grow the community.

Assist with podcast edits and publish on social media.

Set up and optimize company pages  on a variety of platforms to increase visibility.

Collaborate with our team members to cultivate growth, a positive reputation and coordinate action steps within the organization.


Proven experience in social media marketing ; Revenue Generating

Excellent writing and editing skills.

Attention to detail.

Demonstrated knowledge of social networking and analytics.

Consistently keeping up with current market trends .

Adequate knowledge of web design , social media design and SEO

Positive attitude with excellent multi-tasking and organizational skills.

Fluent English

Degree in Communications, Marketing, Business, SEO and or Public Relations

5+ years of experience  in utilizing   social media and marketing to grow facilitate  business growth




I founded the Sudden Money Institute in 2000 with a community of practitioners of financial planning seeking to better serve our clients. Our experience told us that our traditional training didn’t equip us to skillfully handle clients who were anticipating or experiencing major life events. They behaved in unexpected and uncharacteristic ways, and we didn’t know why. We simply didn’t know what to do with them. We knew we needed a different way of doing what we were doing, and perhaps more importantly, we needed a different way of being with our clients. We had to look outside of financial planning for research and expertise, as financial transitions – as a field of study—didn’t exist. After nearly two decades of evolving discussion and work together, we now have a clear understanding of what it means to guide clients through financial transitions. We can articulate the components of this new field we call Financial Transitions Planning, as well as the qualities a professional should exhibit and embody in order to provide skillful guidance. We started a training a certification division called the Financial Transitionist Institute, for professionals seeking to understand and better help clients during times of great change, and we welcome you to explore that site.

As for the Sudden Money Institute, we are returning to our roots as a think tank and a resource for the public. Our vision is a vibrant community of people moving through and adapting to change mingling with professionals dedicated to serving them. We want to be the world’s resource for all things financial transitions, and we’re excited to continue in that direction.



Degree : Communications; Marketing ; Business , SEO and or Public Relations 5+ years proven experience