We are a family-owned vacant land business buying and selling residential parcels in Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina.

We have a large pipeline of interested sellers contacting us each week via email, text, and voicemail. They typically have owned their land parcels for a number of years and are amenable to selling them.

We need assistance following up with these leads. A typical set of interactions with a seller:

  • Understands seller’s situation and needs
  • Determines if the lead is worth pursuing
  • Validates the quality of the lead with a third party (typically a land broker)
  • Negotiates with the seller within clearly defined acquisition criteria
  • Communicates offers verbally and follows up in writing

When done really well, the right person:

  • Builds rapport with the seller
  • Makes the seller feel we are on their side
  • Is proactive in helping sellers when we can’t buy their parcel
  • Ensures every seller knows when they will hear from him/her, what will will come next, and delivers it as and when promised

To streamline things, we use Pebble REI to manage all email, text, and voice communications with our high-quality inbound leads. We will provide training on using that system.

We close purchases fast and with cash, making it easy for sellers to say yes.

We’re open to paying a base hourly rate + commission.

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Sonoma Lane is owned by a husband and wife couple living in California. We met while in school and spent our first years together in Europe climbing our respective corporate ladders. When our first daughter was born in 2016, we began to see the limitations the corporate world creates on living a fulfilling life. We soon began building a real estate business to win back control of our time and lifestyle.

Sonoma Lane is our second real estate company, focused on buying and selling vacant land. Our first business buys, rehabs, and rents out homes in four states. We are excited to build Sonoma Lane around the same markets that we already know so well from our rental business.


Fun on the phone. Enjoys talking to people and helping solve problems. Meticulous tracker, noting every detail of every interaction in our CRM. Familiarity with the process of buying a home is a plus.