We’re the greatest Google Ads agency on earth (with the data to prove it) and we’re looking for an amazing sales person to join our awesome team of digital super stars.

The role will be a mixture of performing lead intake for inbound leads (leads we generate using Google ads, referrals, etc.) as well as generating your own leads and interest based on targets that we provide.

While we produce a healthy amount of inbound leads, we would like to work with someone who isn’t afraid to pound the digital pavement and drum up business. Many of the businesses who need our help most are those that aren’t aware of it!

This is a contract position (1099) and pays $48,000 a year base salary plus commission. The commission structure is well defined and very aggressive:

You’ll receive 50% of the first month’s base fee for any inbound leads you close and 100% of the first month’s base fee for any leads you generate and close. (You can see our pricing on our homepage: sol8.com).

You will also receive a $500 bonus for every year a client retains. This sets you up for a steady stream of recurring income.

An example commission scenario: You sell an inbound lead our “Essential” package (which is $1,500) and you’ll receive $750. If you were to sell that same package to a lead that you generate you’ll receive the full $1,500.

Our baseline expectation in terms of a goal would be for you to close two new clients every week. We wouldn’t expect you to reach this goal immediately but that’s the pace we’ll be working to set during your training and ramp up period. When you begin meeting that goal then you will be making 6-figures.

We utilize Hubspot as a CRM so you’ll need to learn that system and get comfortable with our workflow. Everything that happens with any contacts or deals needs to be documented in Hubspot (emails, phone calls, tasks, etc.)

We operate with extremely high levels of transparency and integrity. This means we can’t take everyone on as a client and will need to pre-qualify all businesses prior to onboarding them. We only take on a client if we believe they have a reasonable likelihood of success running paid advertising.

The ideal candidate will:
– Have significant enough experience with online paid advertising (specifically Google Ads) to be able to have introductory conversations with new prospects
– Have experience in a self-managed business development role
– Have experience with B2B prospecting and outreach
– Be fun to work with, energetic, engaging, and driven
– Be able and willing to work with a small team

While we have been in business for over 13 years, we’re a small, tight-knit team. We’d like to work with someone who values the freedom and flexibility a remote position like this affords. While we’re always available to answer questions and help with coaching and training, our ideal candidate needs to be driven and have the ability to work with minimal management or oversight.

While you have complete flexibility to work on your own schedule, it’s important that you have the ability to take and make phone calls throughout the business day. When a new lead calls in (or submits a form) it is mission critical that we get them on the phone within minutes (if not seconds) of that event taking place. Online leads can be fickle and, as the saying goes, “time kills sales.”

If you’re interested, please us an email with more details about yourself. We’d appreciate it if you answer these questions:

1. How much experience do you have with paid ads? Google Ads?
2. If you were an animal other than a human, what kind of animal would you be and why?
3. What did Khalil Gibran mean when he said: “Work is love made visible?”

Please put the words: “I actually read the instructions” in the subject line of your email.

We’d love to answer any questions that you have!

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