Do research to find ways to promote an already successful sales book (Amazon #1 Best Seller): How I Conquered Call Reluctance, Fear of Self-Promotion & Increased My Prospecting!  I am not interested in giving away free digital copies of the book as a way to promote it, been there, done that. I am looking for places to post the title and cover of the book, some websites will do this for free (bulletin boards, etc. ) others will charge a fee (paid advertising) for which I will have a small budget. I am open to any other options someone might uncover in the process of their research.




I have been a sales coach for over 35 years primarily to financial advisors. I have the top book on overcoming sales call reluctance on Amazon and want to increase the awareness of this book and sales of this book. Websites: SidWalker.com, SellingWithoutWrestling.com, ConquerCallReluctance.com,  LivingintheZone.info


Good at doing research online, preferably like sales and sales motivation.