Our parent company helps eCommerce brands with warehouse and order fulfillment. We are looking to start a separate company that will help eCommerce brands recover some of their abandoned shopping carts by calling them. You will be our FIRST hire, and we will be growing quickly, as we already have a customer base lined up. This new company will be called Hailey. Your duties will include:

– Downloading a free app to your iPhone/Android that will notify you when an online shopper has abandoned their cart

– When the above happens, you’ll call the person and ask if they had any issues with the website. Your main goal will be to ask questions and assist the person to purchase the items that they had in their cart.

– You aren’t to be a pushy salesperson, but someone who helps solve problems, or whatever friction that prevented them from placing the order.

– You’ll also be calling previous customers that haven’t reordered to see if they’d like to order again.

– The third and final type of call you’ll make is to current customers to simply get feedback about the site.

If you are a rockstar, which we expect you to be, we’ll want you to train and potentially manage our next hires. If you’d rather not manage people, that is fine! But it will come with a substantial promotion. Everything will be done remotely.

We have extensive experience quickly growing eCommerce brands, so you will be the first person to assist in this exciting adventure. My business partner and I each are married with 4 kids and we strongly believe that moms are the best workers in the world. That’s what brought us to the site to post this job! And part of our value proposition is that we only hire US-based moms working from home. So you will be a part of that mission.

The pay scale depends upon your experience and performance and is not commission-based. If you’re interested in commission in replace of or addition to the base pay, we are open to any and all suggestions! The hours you work can be flexible.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Great phone skills, friendly, optimistic, kind and personable.