We are on a mission to help women entrepreneurs create copy that converts while actually feeling and sounding like them. We are all about using techniques that allow our clients to shine without feeling grody, in other words, you shouldn’t feel like you need to take a shower after emailing your list because you used some skeezy “bro marketing technique”.

We’re pro badass and anti-knife twisting. Pro women empowerment and anti-cookie cutter copy. Pro 90’s hip hop and anti writers block.

We’re currently very busy providing coaching and done-for-you copy services to our clientele which means our own content is falling on the back burner, not cool.

We are looking for a strong writer that can help us create compelling blogs, emails, and occasionally social media content. If we can find someone really great that can help us with client overflow even better (and even better pay).

Our team is unfiltered, fast-paced, and are passionate about delivering to our audience so you’ll need to be too.

Basically, if you’re a hard worker, can pitch content ideas, and are a bit of a smart ass…you’ll fit right in. Please send over at least 2 writing samples and your resume.

**Bonus points if your GIF game is on point**

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3-5 years writing experience