? Position

Operations Coordinator

? Location

Remote position. We’re headquartered in NYC and geek out across the world. We believe the future of work is execution and freedom over location.

? Hours

10-15 per week

? About Us

ScaleTime helps scaling digital agencies into well-oiled machines by optimizing systems, processes & teams without losing their quality (…and their minds).

We help business owners find freedom, so that owners can go from doing everything to doing the one thing they do best.

We believe in continuous innovation, kick-ass customer service and impacting the small business community by increasing the success rate of agency owners.

? Role: Get stuff done gladiator

✓ Responsible for the performance and execution rate of project completion, building new systems and documentation, achieving ongoing improvements and adapting the team to the latest technologies.

✓ Responsible for rolling out new operations project initiatives: execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of deployment

✓ Documentation coordination: help to create, develop, and centralize documentation and training for the team

✓ Tech stack coordination: Knows or willing to learn various software, tools, and implementation of tools across the team and manage quality assurance of automation

✓ Project coordination: Organizing and following up with team members, ensuring time management, monitoring progress and backlog

✓ Coordinates with a remote team and support internal projects meet milestones

✓ Scheduling coordination: team and clients

✓ Managing reports and scorecards for team members and clients

✓ Troubleshoot low-level fires such as: getting incorrectly charged on invoices, password management, etc

✓ Great written communicating

✓ Can manage and integrate  “founderitis” – the epidemic of “great ideas” that interrupts  up daily workflow and ongoing projects

✓ Accountabilities and  responsibilities can expand due to the needs of business

? Experience:

✓ Virtual assistant/project manager for 3-5 years
✓ Marketing agency experience preferred
✓ Software: Google Apps, intermediate Excel, Asana/ basecamp project management, time tracking and some type of client relationship manager
✓ Knowledge of what Superb Project management looks like and what Atrocious project management looks like
✓ Attitudes you may share with us
✓ Are a fast learner and can contribute from day one
✓ Have a strong sense of urgency and grit
✓ Feel proud when you crush results
✓ Geek out on the latest and most efficient ways to get shit done
✓ Wake up every day enthusiastic and curious to tackle a new challenge!
✓ Compensation
✓ Depending on experience and certifications.
✓ Additional benefits include mentorship of the global market,  access to ongoing education/ online classes and other training opportunities for professional development.

? Application Instructions:

To apply, please complete this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScuq5IGgntrZ0nOBrfuiUWSaqL_4E0-ICc6oEBMzpYdzvZxYw/viewform

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