Do you have a broad skill set that includes people-skills and picking up new software easily?  Do you enjoy understanding data and communicating complex topics simply? Are you great at planning and managing projects?  Would you enjoy working with an experienced, friendly, communicative, software expert who loves getting things done but can’t do it all herself anymore?

I run a small business software consulting company.  As a consultant, I help small business owners find the right software for their needs, and help them implement and optimize.  My clients come in with software messes or mismatches, and walk away with well-running business assets.  I perform tech audits, I nerd out on data, I research, I software-shop, I negotiate, I plan, and I ultimately get software solutions running that clients love. I minimize headaches and manage transitions.

My business is growing and I need a right hand – someone interested in rewarding and challenging part-time work, who’s detail-oriented and communicative and extraordinarily tech savvy.

Basic job requirements:

·       Deeply solution oriented: you haven’t met a tech challenge you can’t solve yet.

·       Excellent communicator: you are great at distilling complex topics into simple terms

·       Software expertise: you have a broad range of software skills.

·       Process-driven: you find satisfaction in well implemented workflows, automations, and integrations.

·       Customer-focused: you care about people, and enjoy opportunities to make their lives a little bit easier.

·       3 years experience with software projects – as a small business owner, virtual assistant, project manager, or other role.  It doesn’t matter which hat(s) you wore.

·       5 hours a week to start, with the possibility of increasing to 10-15 hours per week.

·       If you have a full-time job, this is not for you.

·       If you are employed part-time and can make it work, go for it.

·       If you manage a household, family, kids, and could make part-time flexible schedule work, please apply. I’m in the same boat. We’re f*cking superheroes and I’d love to give you a good reason to use your skills and talents.

And more things about this position:

·       There will of course be training and onboarding to get you up to speed on various projects, but I expect you to ultimately be a self-starter.  I need someone who can contribute ideas and self-manage their time.

·       We have an unbreakable date for our bi-weekly 30 min meeting, must be on a weekday between 10-1pm PST via Zoom

·       I’m totally cool with flexible schedules, but at least half of your work time needs to be during regular office hours.

·       You proactively and regularly communicate updates on projects through Slack

·       You can handle sticking to deadlines.

·       You ask questions when in doubt, and know how to prioritize like nobody’s business.


Initial duties (this is a paid trial ):

·       Set me up with a PO box that I don’t have to go anywhere to check.

·       Do basic SEO work on my website, with guidance.

·       Help me launch my first digital product for purchase.

·       Turn a collection of notes and emails into templates and draft SOPs.

·       Pimp my Trello content management board with integrations (Zapier, WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp)

·       Pimp my Slack Workspace by merging channels and setting up various integrations.


Once you have conquered these projects, I’ll start giving you client projects to work on with guidance.

·       Research and Analysis on a variety of client software topics

·       Various tasks relating to implementing CRMs, Project Management Systems, Slack, Email Marketing Systems

·       Setting up and managing integrations in Zapier, IFTTT, PieSync

·       Creating Dashboards in Klipfolio

·       Training materials and Reports in Canva


This is not the job for you if:

·       You’re don’t have an open mind or sense of humor

·       You’re an affiliate of certain software, with an agenda to get more affiliate sales



·       Check out my software page on my website

·       Send me an email with your resume at info@sarakappler.com

·       Tell me which software you have experience with


Founded in 2016, with a passion, skill set, a mission and a very supportive husband.

Based in Kirkland, WA and serving small business owners near and far.


We help small business owners get their software to work for them. From deciding which software to choose from, to every aspect of implementation, integration, and insights.

We’re technical, yes, but we also know the importance of training and getting people to on board with new processes.  The best systems are those that get used, and those that bring improvement to everyone involved.   And if we can get your software operating smoothly, then not only is everyone a little bit happier – but your business can build some real assets – data & insights.

We offer services that will help you turn your software into a business asset.


3 years experience with software projects - as a small business owner, virtual assistant, project manager, or other role.  It doesn’t matter which hat(s) you wore.