We’re looking for an incredibly organised person to help us stay in control of communicating with clients efficiently and politely in English.

The role involves:
⁍ Communicating with clients, both verbally and written, to answer questions and keep them updated on progress in their account.
⁍ Organising & delegating tasks to different members of the team.
⁍ Planning and making sure tasks have been completed on schedule with internal staff.
⁍ Learning about Amazon’s seller platform and completing admin tasks in the seller admin panel.
⁍ Helping us to improve our internal communication system.

We are looking for someone for 20 hours per week, ideally spread across 4-5 days, but this can be flexible.
Your location is irrelevant but We need 3 hours per day crossover with UK time zone (UK). We have US based clients so a US based person may be helpful to us.

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Rising Sun Commerce help English speaking companies and brands sell successfully on Amazon Japan.

We translate, copy-write product listings in Japanese and manage Amazon advertising and customer service for our clients on the Amazon Japan platform. Our clients are mainly based in UK and USA. We’re growing quickly.

There are currently 4 people involved in the business.
Co-founder Neil Curtis heads up the day to day account management and Amazon strategy. Co-founder John Cant brings in knowledge about Japan and leads the sales and marketing. We also have Kayo, our Japanese editor and Jenny our listings manager.

We all have family's and striking the balance of home-life and productive work is important to us.

We are growing quickly and anticipate that there will be opportunities to take on more responsibility and increase working hours in the future as we grow the business. If you want to. If you prefer to stay part-time, that's also fine.

Looking forward to your application.


We’re looking for a fantastic communicator who is supremely organised and has a positive attitude. It’s important that you can demonstrate the following attributes: ⦿ Be very organised. ⦿ Be great at communicating with people - but in style and clarity. ⦿ Be a positive person with a problem solving attitude. ⦿ Be a fluent English speaker. ⦿ Be confident using project management apps like Asana, Trello, Slack etc ⦿ Be confident learning new tools and apps including the seller interface of Amazon If you have any of the following experience then it would be an added bonus: ⦿ Experience in e-commerce ⦿ Experience in working at a marketing agency ⦿ Experience in with Japan or Japanese As we are a small business, you may be able to help in other areas outside of this role, such as marketing. We won’t ask you to do things you’re not comfortable with, but a positive attitude is essential to us as you can have a meaningful impact on helping the company grow. Application Process: Email us on jobs@risingsuncommerce.co.uk Tell us clearly: 1. Why you think you are a good fit for the role. 2. What skills in particular that you can bring to us. 3. Your work experience (as a CV, resume, etc). 4. (Optional) - You can include a short video if you want to.