• Job Title:       Business Development Manager / B2B Sales Consultant
  • Type:               Part time.  20 hours per week
  • Hours:            Monday to Friday 9am-2pm with some flexibility
  • Location:       Rosemont, IL
  • Remote:         Yes, work from home

Estimated Salary

  • Estimated Salary (Part Time) – $50k to $70k+
  • Estimated Salary (Full Time) – $70k to $100k+
  • We are looking for someone in this role on a part time basis.  The equivalent full time salary would be at the $70k to $100k+

Position Summary
This is a highly consultative position where you will work with small to midsize financial advisors throughout the US.  You will be responsible for selling managed IT services. Activities include prospecting, networking, nurturing warm leads produced from marketing, nurturing leads from prospecting activities, attending sales meetings, delivering sales proposals, and closing new accounts.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage book of business and sales pipeline to meet monthly and quarterly sales goals.
  • Engage in sales prospecting activities through various mediums (phone, e-mail, social media, networking, etc.).
  • Ability to drive entire sales process from lead generation to closing business
  • Initiate contact with prospects that have been generated by the marketing team.
  • Move sales opportunities through the sales cycle including meeting with prospects, discovering opportunities, developing proposals, presenting proposals, follow-up activities to develop relationships with key contacts and decision makers, and closing sales.
  • Maintain records for key activities in company CRM database.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Proven track record for new business development including prospecting, nurturing, and selling.
  • Charismatic, positive and upbeat attitude with a hunger to meet and exceed goals.
  • High energy and drive with good negotiation skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong organizational, presentation, and customer service skills.
  • Must be self-motivated

5 ways we’re going to invest in you

  1. You’ll be paid very well: We know that’s an important concern with any new job. We pay at the top of the scale because it’s the only way to get the best people.
  2. You’ll get a career, not a job: Regardless of where you are in your career path, we sincerely want you to be successful for the long-term. We will align this position with your long-term career goals to fast track you on your chosen career path.  You’ll get lots of training, professional development, and support from our team.
  3. You’ll maintain a great work/life balance: We love our work, but we love our families more. So we get our work done to the highest standard, then go home. The better the quality of our work, the fewer emergencies stop us going home.
  4. You’ll be welcomed into a team of high performers, just like you: It’s important to belong to a team that fits your personality. It makes the work more rewarding and fun. We are a group of high achievers that are focused on creating a world class customer experience in the most positive and upbeat environment possible.
  5. You’ll do work that matters: We provide mission critical IT services for our clients so they can achieve their business goals. At the end of the day, we do what we do to help people and make the world a better place.


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RIA WorkSpace is a small fast growing professional services firm that manages Information Technology (IT) for our clients.  Our clients are small and medium size financial advisors located throughout the USA.  RIA WorkSpace provides mission critical managed IT and cloud services to our clients nationwide.  To learn more, go to www.riaworkspace.com