Fluent, native English speaker needed for customer support opening at manufacturing company. Position includes customer support via phones, live chat, helpdesk, email and other customer service portals. Not high-volume call center, more individualized customer support with good amount of product knowledge to learn at training.

Set hours of weekends Sat/Sun 11a-3p (EST) and M-F 11a-12p (EST) — must also be able to fill-in during the day outside those hours M-F as needed if someone else on the team is sick/vacation. Generally estimated 12-14 hours per week, ongoing, permanent position.
$14-$15/hour based on experience. Paid training.
Telecommute position
Must provide own computer, high-speed internet, quiet work space and headset for calls.
If you have good attention to detail you will start your cover letter with your favorite color.
No health/401k or other additional benefits.

You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
Can you meet the needs during the time period listed?
How quickly/what is your availability to reply to and work urgent requests when off shift if someone needs additional coverage?
What are your tech skills and abilities to learn new programs quickly?
What customer service platforms have you used before?
How do you approach product knowledge?
What is your comfort level learning more material about a variety of product?
How do you handle feedback from team members?

Please answer the above questions, send resume, cover letter and 3-4 references.

NOTE: If hired for this freelance role, will need to sign up through Upwork to use work-diary and payroll.

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