Seeking someone part-time who can help me with real estate acquisitions. Some weeks I have a lot of incoming leads to process and some weeks I have very few. I buy and sell vacant land in a few states around the country. I need someone who can help me with paperwork and due diligence as I purchase the lots from property owners. If you have real estate experience that would be nice, but not a requirement. This isn’t a very complex process. I only deal in vacant land so no houses with inch thick mortgage documents. A deed is normally a two page document that only needs to be signed and notarized by the seller.

The duties include:

  • Checking email for new sellers ready to sell their land
  • Replying to sellers by email and/or phone to verify information
  • Entering seller and property details into a Trello board for tracking
  • Requesting due diligence reports from a third party
  • Requesting title reports through Upwork

Eventual tasks will include:

  • Creating new deeds using an online site like deeds.com or deedperfect.com
  • Creating supporting documents like an affidavit of property value for Arizona
  • Filing deeds directly to the county either by the e-recording site Simplifile or by mailing to the county



At Raw Land Holdings LLC we think that land is the best investment you can make. It’s a bank account you can park on, camp on, and build on. Our goal is to help people attain the goal of property ownership by providing easy, no credit check financing for affordable, vacant land. It has never been easier to buy land and start building a real estate portfolio for just dollars a day.