Are you a Bookkeeping Super Star looking for  great opportunity to do what you love and lead others ?

Part Time, Remote, Lead Bookkeeper Job Description

In the past 6 months the Company has seen a lot of growth in the bookkeeping business, with more work inbound.  Bookkeeping is the foundation of Financial Situational Awareness.  Without accurate, timely, high-quality bookkeeping, it is very costly to acquire Financial Situational Awareness, if not impossible.  With the assistance of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), custom charts of accounts are developed for each customer.  Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual processes are developed to serve each customer’s business model needs, while striving to maximize process uniformity across all customers.  For more information about the Company, please see our website, www.ProvidenceFractionalServices.com

Job Description
The Company is seeking to hire an independent contractor (1099) as a Lead Bookkeeper with experience and a desire to assist in building and managing a team of bookkeepers while   onboarding new customers.  The independent contractor will be provided a Company Google Workspace account and will present themselves as a team member of the Company when communicating with customers.  Work will be part time (~10-15 hours per week) to start and is expected to swiftly increase to 20-30 hours per week.  The role will continue to increase in hours up to the contractor’s weekly limit at which point, the Company will seek to hire a more Junior Bookkeeper to be trained and managed the Lead Bookkeeper.  The Lead Bookkeeper will handle the onboarding of new customers, and assist in the development and optimization of customer-specific business processes and documentation, likely bookkeeping for that customer for the first 3 to 6 months with the Company.  Once a new customer’s business process is demonstrably successful and mature and the Lead Bookkeeper has no more bandwidth for additional new customers, the mature customer accounts will be delegated to Junior Bookkeepers to be managed by the Lead Bookkeeper.

Job Responsibilities
Available 9am to 5pm Easter Standard Time (EST) for meetings and communications.
Respond to Company and customer communications within the business same day or the following business day before 12pm ( EST).
Perform responsibilities in compliance with written guidance provided by the CFO specific to each customer including delivery deadlines
Weekly transaction recording
Monthly account reconciliations
Monthly reporting
Work directly with customers to acquire necessary data to document and record transactions
Accounts Payable: Processing bills for payment approval using online software workflow tools
Participate in and contribute to the development and documentation of Business Process Guides (BPGs) for each customer and the company.
Skills and Experience
At least 3 years professional full-time experience as a bookkeeper required

At least 2 years professional experience working with QuickBooks Online (QBO) required.

Experience using DEXT Prepare effectively required
Fluent with Zoom required
Experience bookkeeping real estate for owners, property management, and investment funds strongly preferred

QBO certifications are strongly preferred

Experience using Saasant importing data to QBO strongly preferred
Experience using Melio, Corpay One, or Bill.com workflows for payment approval preferred
Experience with Google Workspace preferred
Experience using DEXT Precision a plus
Experience working with Asana project management software a plus

Certificate or, Associates or Bachelor degree (major or minor) in Accounting, preferred.  Demonstrated understanding of accounting theory.  E.g. Understands why a transaction belongs on the balance sheet as opposed to the income statement, or vice versa, or in one account and not another.

Experience bookkeeping diverse small business models with AND without inventory reporting a plus
Experience bookkeeping non-profits a plus


Hourly, $35-45 per hour depending on qualifications and experience.  Paid bi-weekly.

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Providence Fractional Executive Services is a business of Providence Capital, Ltd., a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company formed in 2013 to provide all services relevant to the real estate syndication industry.  After building a portfolio, in partnership, of over 1000+ units the Company has narrowed its service offerings to accounting and financial services, specifically bookkeeping, custom financial modeling, and part-time Chief Financial Officer services.  However, it has broadened its customer base beyond real estate investment to small business in general and non-profits.  The Company’s aim is to increase mission impact of its customers in the communities they serve by providing Financial Situational Awareness, so business owners can make prudent decisions.


Desired Characteristics; Really enjoys the recurring process of Bookkeeping, and the satisfaction of reconciled accounts, accurate recording, and concise financial reporting Demonstrated understanding of accounting theory; e.g. why a transaction should be recorded in a particular two accounts and not somewhere else, and its critical contribution to accurate financial reporting Enjoys and experienced in training and managing other Junior Bookkeepers Understands the whole accounting function and all of its roles and tasks, from new customer accounting system setup, process development, optimization and documentation, accounts payable and receivable, controllership, and financial reporting Sees their work as a mission to bless customer businesses, their employees, customers, and vendors, and impacted communities Shares our values (see our values here: About | Providence Fractional Services) Not adverse to speaking on the phone or via Zoom with customers and Company team members. Socially intelligent and able to speak in a professional yet personally winsome manner to achieve business objectives