Is LinkedIn your favorite social media platform?

We are looking for someone who loves LinkedIn the way we do to join our agency and help our clients use LinkedIn to build their personal brand, raise their visibility, and have a greater impact on the world.

We work with executives, typically vice presidents and CEOs in the technology industry, who are too busy to manage their own LinkedIn accounts. We design a strategy for using LinkedIn to achieve their goals, and then assist them with implementing the strategy.

We are looking for a LinkedIn expert to join our team as an account manager.

As account manager, you are responsible for:

  • Identifying content that can be shared in the client’s LinkedIn account (2 posts/week)
  • Drafting a comment, with tags and hashtags, for each post
  • Getting approval from the client for the posts
  • Monitoring the client’s account to see who liked and commented on each post, and engaging with those people
  • Using LinkedIn search to identify people who are an ideal fit for the client, and building lists of people they can invite to connect
  • Monitoring what the client’s partners, key customers, and employees post, and alerting them so they can engage
  • Monitoring thought leaders in their industry and identifying quality posts where the client can engage

You work on 6-10 accounts. You can choose which accounts you work on. We want you to work on projects you believe in, with people you enjoy!

This is a part-time job, about 20 hours a week. There are no set hours, other than monthly company meetings. You are free to schedule the work around your other commitments. However, you do need to check the accounts at least once a day on most weekdays.

We have a buddy system so someone else can handle your work while you are on vacation, and we take the last two weeks of the year off.


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ProResource specializes in managing the personal LinkedIn presence for executives. We give technology executives a personal brand on LinkedIn that impresses people, promotes their business, and advances their career.

Our work includes writing LinkedIn profiles and blog posts, designing personal social media strategies, and managing LinkedIn accounts.

ProResource is a purpose-driven business. We work hard to help clients achieve their goals, grow their businesses, and advance their careers. We make a difference in their lives. You will work with team members who do excellent quality work and are fun to be around. Life is just too short to work with people who aren’t fun.

Work-life balance is important to us.

We are an equal opportunity employer and believe in diversity of all kinds: race, gender, age, geography, religion, and politics.


LinkedIn expert - You must know how to post updates on LinkedIn, how to use tags and hashtags, and how to engage appropriately. Expertise with advanced search, messaging, and monitoring is ideal. Excellent written English - You need to be able to write relevant comments for the content you share, and your emails should be free of grammatical errors and typos. Familiarity with B2B enterprise technology terminology - If these words make your eyes glaze over, you are not in the right place: digital transformation, AI, blockchain, crypto, cybersecurity, machine learning, agile, cloud, SaaS. Customer care - We do the work so our clients don't have to. We believe in being patient and kind, diligent and persistent.