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For more than 4 years our team has handled thousands of podcast episodes for customers like James Altucher, and technology companies like Buffer, and Drift, and now we’re looking for an experienced salesperson to join our team to further accelerate our growth.

Areas of Responsibility

This is a part-time, inside sales role. In the role, there will be two main areas of responsibility: handling inbound new customer inquiries and managing an email outreach program.

Handle inbound sales inquiries and calls:

We have both on-site live chat and email through which new leads reach us currently. The sales person in this role would be responsible for communicating with sales leads through these channels (we use Front as a customer communication tool), as well as scheduling sales calls as requested. Currently, there are between 4-8 sales calls scheduled each week through a form on our site, and the person in this role would handle all of those calls.

This sales call volume is limited only by the founders time currently, and a dedicated sales representative could double these sales call volume with very little effort.

The founder has been doing these sales calls for the past 4 years and will be able to provide extensive scripting, objection handling, and talking points for these calls. Additionally, the person hired for this role will sit in on calls with the founder (observing at first and then taking the reigns after a couple of weeks) to ensure a smooth transition.

Email outreach campaigns:

We have an extensive database of existing podcasters who we want to reach out to in order to introduce ourselves and our services. This should serve as a great lead funnel to drive pipeline with.

The person in this sales role will be responsible for managing the email scheduling and follow up from these campaigns as well as optimizing the messaging of the emails themselves.

The email outreach tool we use has extensive analytics about open, click through, and engagement rates, so a data-driven prospector would be able to easily work to optimize the email sequences.


There is both a base salary aspect as well as a variable sales compensation part to this compensation package.

The compensation package will be discussed in more depth with qualified candidates but it will include a compensation rate for all new business closed plus a commission kicker over plan in any quarter.

Additionally, there are incentives for retaining customers long term. An extra bonus commission will be given for customers who stay with PodcastMotor long term.

Your involvement:

This is a part-time sales role with a targeted weekly schedule of 20 hours per week. These 20 hours a week will be split between customer pre-sales calls, managing email outreach campaigns, and ensuring that newly signed customers are happy with the service.

This is a great role for you if you’re:

– A quick learner with the ability to work in a fast paced, high growth environment
– Highly-skilled in written and verbal communications (chat, video, email, etc)
– A self-starter and autonomous in your daily activities
– Has a passion for sales, prospecting, and business development
– Great on the phone and is able to close deals
– Empathetic to our customers’ needs and sees a way to provide them with the solutions that they need

You’ll be a great fit for PodcastMotor if you:

– Love solving problems on a daily basis and working in a dynamic, remote team environment
– Have previous experience in podcasting or other forms of content marketing
– Highly value working with people you like and respect
– Hungry to play an impactful role in a growing organization


As a member of the PodcastMotor team, you’ll enjoy loads of perks and benefits. Top amongst those include:

– Competitive salary and performance-based compensation package (we’d love to pay you a boatload of money every month!)
– We’re remote, so you can work from anywhere
– Flexible daily schedule – no time clock punching here
– Unlimited vacation policy
– Mandatory birthday holiday!

If this sounds like a great fit for you and a challenge you’re ready to take on apply at https://www.podcastmotor.com/apply. We look forward to hearing from you.

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