People and Processes, Inc. provides asset management consulting and education on a global scale. We focus on helping organizations drive improved reliability with solutions that strengthen the contribution of maintenance.

We are looking for a virtual assistant capable of balancing many balls in the air and with the ability to shift from one priority to another with ease. The ideal candidate will be neither bored or overwhelmed. The position objectives are as follows but are not limited to:

Client success – You may be asked to follow up with a client for scheduling purposes, to solicit feedback on past performance, nurture the relationship with follow-on communications, and occasionally contact sales leads for educational products.

Events organization – Given that we often utilize public venues for activities, you will be asked to solicit RFP responses for venue locations, assist in the contract negotiations to gain mutual advantage, arrange for food and beverage, venue layout, and follow-up to ensure success. When things go wrong as they occasionally do, you will be expected to address those issues in a timely fashion with venue personnel.

Conferences – Depending on your knowledge of our products and services, you may be asked to work with other People and Processes associates to help with tradeshow exhibits and conferences.  Travel requirements would be at most two events per year if needed.  You may also be requested to assist with the identification of conference venues that enable broader visibility to the People and Processes brand.

Data and Systems – You will assist with customer relationship management and marketing software systems to enter and maintain customer contact information, assist with the implementation of marketing automation routines, and social media editorial calendar actions.  You will be expected to document the business processes of your activities and those of others, along with revisions, from a continuous improvement perspective. The ability to update website pages is a plus.  You will also research web locations and other materials for internal use.

Administrative – You could be asked to create presentations, polish the formatting of presentations, assist with brochure development leveraging graphic design services, and create or edit documents.

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The successful candidate should possess the following qualifications as a mimum: Ability to work when your main interfaces are working (eastern time zone) from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM on a part-time or full-time basis. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential. Problem-solving critical thinking and attention to detail are beneficial. Experience in customer service is beneficial, as well. A pleasant speaking voice and enhanced vocabulary are necessities. Bi-lingual in English (primary) and Spanish is a plus. An excellent grasp of grammar, spelling, and proper writing mechanics are crucial. Outstanding computer skills. Possess a mix of educational and life experiences that enable you to perform the work effectively. Have a high-speed internet connection and a dedicated phone line (cell phones are acceptable), and a quiet working environment free from distractions/ noise while speaking with clients and vendors.