We are looking for a great writer who can help us create blog posts and articles for parents who are looking for non-plastic feeding product alternatives.

We help parents and caregivers avoid plastic feeding products by making sustainable, safe, and sturdy products to avoid harming our children and our world.

We will be hosting these blog posts on our Shopify store and are looking for the articles to be SEO friendly by using certain tactics and strategies while organizing the posts. The posts will be focused on things such as:
– 5 reasons why plastic sippy cups are dangerous
– Foods and drinks for picky toddlers
– The best sippy cups for toddlers with autism
– Is your toddler having a hard time transitioning from a baby bottle to a sippy cup?

This position will be paid-per-task as we are looking to start off by creating 3 posts and then create regular posts bi-weekly. As the brand grows, your work will also increase and be more frequent.

If you think you can fit the needs, love our brand and our mission, apply asap and help us help parents lead by example by joining the Penguinni family! 🙂

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Penguinni's mission is to create eco-friendly products for toddlers and parents alike. We really want to show that plastic is not a necessity in building a great company, but more importantly in your homes. We are committed to doing our part to help ensure that the future your child grows into is one that is environmentally safe. We also believe that your toddler can be a part of the solution by learning eco-conscious habits that will help them leave a greater impact on tomorrow, because healthy habits start early. By modeling eco-friendly behaviors and choosing smart products as a parent, you can help foster that in your child. We want to partner with you to help foster those behaviors and create a better world for your child to grow into.

The world your toddler grows up into tomorrow is as important as the one they live in today. That is why we’ve designed each of our products with eco-conscious principles. Our products are plastic-free and BPA-free for your toddler’s health. Our silicone and stainless-steel design as well as the recycled paper packaging ensures a small environmental footprint for each of our products. Plastic degrades and can release harmful toxins when heated or cooled. Our food- grade silicone contains no harmful chemicals and will stand the test of time. In addition, our cups are designed to grow with your toddler, so that when they outgrow the sippy cup, our stainless-steel cups remain perfect for your preschooler, even without the lid.


- You are an eco-conscious mom with toddlers who can relate with other moms. You are trying to limit your use of plastic goods at home and are wanting to lead by example when it comes to using sustainable goods. You own a laptop, so you can work from anywhere. You have a secure and fast internet connection and be able to chat on Slack and video chat. You love your kids 😉and have experience in writing blog posts/articles. The posts will have to be SEO friendly so it can help optimize our search engine results.