What we want: A dedicated employee that treats our customers the way they would like to be treated if they were a customer or a client; with respect and humility. The customer is always right except when they are not. When they are not, they need not be reminded they are wrong just that perhaps there is a different way of looking at this particular issue. If we are wrong we own the problem, we don’t hide from it but let our client know we will do our best to fix it in a timely manner to minimize the impact to their business.

Is a degree required: yes; at one specific university: The International School of Common Sense. On the other hand, a degree from a 4-year institution says to this employer “I have the tenacity to stick to something and follow through and complete a very big task.” Is a degreed required? No. We would classify it as a “nice to have”.

What will you be doing: Managing projects and taking care of existing projects after they have been completed and signed off on by the client. However, clients frequently want “just one more thing” to make the project perfect. “Sure,” we say, “that will be a change order. Let me get you a quote on what that will cost.”

What experience do you need: These are the tools we utilize in our business: slack, Trello, Excel, and of course that invaluable tool called Common Sense. You can move to the top of the list if you have some (2-4 years) demonstrable (tell us about the experience) technical experience in managing application development projects. You don’t have to be a programmer but being able to speak “Geek” and then translate that into English to our clients would be a significant quality in your favor.

What business are we in: Officially, we are in the digital marketing and application development business. To put more granularity on it: web sites, hosting of web sites, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay-per-click advertising, logo design, application development in several languages.

If you like: communicate (talk/text/email(not so much)) with clients and/or customers, solve problems, work from home, work until your work is done (could be part-time could be full time – depends on your abilities), work in multiple industries then this may be for you.

Your background: You will find this job easier to do if you have some technical background in web design or development or leading projects in these areas. If you have lead a team of developers that would also make this job easier for you. This is not to say that if you don’t have this experience you will fail at this position. You will, however, require less time from the person that hires you. The more you free up their time the more time they have to get more work for you. It’s a vicious cycle – and its fun.

Other stuff: We are a small company. We would like to grow into a bigger company. Come join us on this journey.

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Optional: slack, Trello, Excel, WordPress, Google Ad Manager dashboard, Outlook Required: Common Sense