Looking for a dedicated, reliable, meticulous and funny assistant to help me with weekly tasks such as email newsletters, social media posting, and blog posts.  You don’t have to write any of the content – you need to help me make it “pretty”.


I teach parents the science of autism so I need things to be very “easy on the eyes”.  They are stressed enough so I like to make things as easy for them as possible.  I’m flexible on when you do things as long as they get done.  Here’s what I need help with:


  1. Ontraport Tasks
    a. Create campaigns, weekly email (copy given to you I need formatting), create OntraPages, waitlist management and other basic Ontraport tasks.
    b. Pitch ways to improve my use of Ontraport
  2. Video Editing
    a. Edit out mistakes or use of ummm and other place holder words.
    b. Sometime combine 2 videos into one
  3. Social Media posting of weekly email content to FB and YouTube
  4. Take weekly email content and create Blog post in WordPress.

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