I am looking for a highly motivated, amazing, self-starter Business Manager/Virtual Assistant to support me and make my life easier! You will serve as my right hand and help keep me organized and on top of all of the moving parts to my online business. You will proactively drive business growth in various channels for me.

The primary goal of this position to enable me to function at the highest possible efficiency and grow my business.

This role will begin at 20 hours per week with the potential to become a full-time role. This is a remote, work-from-home position. It would be great if you are in the DC area and it’s a bonus if you live within 30 minutes driving distance of DC, but it’s not a requirement.

This Role Is Perfect For You If You…

●        Love a challenge and are resourceful when it comes to figuring things out and making them happen.

●        Can work alone and don’t need your hand held every step of the way.

●        Can work under pressure where you might have three projects on the go with tight deadlines.

●        Have exceptional communication skills.

●        Are super organized but can move quickly to ensure things get done effectively and efficiently.

●        Can handle direct & blunt feedback.

●        Have previously managed or owned a small business or have held a position as an executive assistant to a busy CEO.


This Position Is Not Right For You If You Are…

●        Someone who hasn’t read a business or marketing book or listened to a podcast or webinar… ever. A passion for business and personal growth is essential and we all strive for personal and professional growth at every turn.

●        Someone who has a lot going on already and doesn’t have the time and focus to really dive in.

●        Someone who prefers not to be front-facing in the business.

Job Responsibilities:

Business Management:

●        Proactively seek out potential business growth

●        Public Relations: Conduct digital outreach (features, appearances, speaking engagements, interviews, contributions, collaborations), develop Strategic partnerships, manage press & media strategy

●        Branding: Oversee and help develop promotional products such as brochures, print materials, press releases, marketing kits, and success stories/case studies. Conduct market research to expand outreach opportunities.

●        Client Management: Scheduling, onboarding, client interaction, including follow-up. Manage client relationships and referrals, sending referral gifts as necessary.

●        Social media management: Create monthly editorial calendar; drafting and scheduling approved content and client engagement. Edit videos and upload to YouTube. Promote/repurpose videos on all social networking sites. Engage on social media to build and grow a following.

●        Community management: Ability to also manage and engage an online community is a major plus.

●        Create and document standard operating procedures

●        Special projects as assigned


●        Assist in the management of the creation, implementation, and support for all HR policies, processes, and documentation.

●        Work with each team member to create and document all company processes/systems to be used as a resource for future hires.

●        Turn tactical assignments into documented processes that can be handed off to other team members or contractors.

●        Identify, delegate, or handle any one-off projects that come up.

●        Assist other team members in projects, as needed.

●        Other items and tasks as needed.

Support to the CEO:

●        Support the CEO in executing her vision and growing the business.

●        Coordinate and manage the CEO’s calendar, productivity, travel, and logistics.

●        Help the CEO complete the items on her personal and business to do lists.

●        Manage the CEO’s email inboxes and ensure messages are answered in a timely manner, often that will mean responding to those messages yourself.

●        Protect the CEO’s time, keeping unnecessary items off of the CEO’s plate so she can stay focused on the company goals.

●        Assemble data/reports for the CEO to review on a weekly basis.

●        Assemble departmental budgets for the CEO to review on a monthly basis.

We Want You If… 

●        You are hungry to make a difference and impact others’ lives.

●        You need to be willing to hustle when necessary.

●        Your primary responsibility will be to show up 100% and be fully present and handling every aspect of the CEOs needs.

●        You must be a super high communicator, not only with clients, but with our team. Show up and keep your commitments, communicate consistently with our team.

●        We want someone that has experience taking extreme care of a CEO.

Qualifications/Skills Needed: 

  • Prior remote work experience required
  • 5+ years of marketing, sales, and customer service experience required
  • Experience with Asana, Voxer, Zoom and Google Suite a plus
  • Previous work assisting online business/marketing/health/other coaches is a major plus
  • Proximity to Washington, D.C. a plus
  • 20 hours per week with the potential to turn into a full-time position for the right person


  • You MUST include answers to these questions to be considered. Applicants that do not submit the answers to these questions will NOT be considered for the position.
  • I am located in: (City / State)
  • This would be my only job: Yes or No
  • Number of years of sales, customer service, and/or marketing experience:

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