1)  Shopper Marketing

a)  Identify ten community gathering places located within the same zip code of each of our retail stores; continue building the list and associated contacts as our locations grow. Send handwritten notes and samples when necessary to each community pillar once a month.
b)  Additional marketing tasks as necessary (e.g. local press).
2)  Manage Social Media

a)  Respond to all comments on all social media accounts as well as proactively identify and interact with micro and macro-influencers on a daily basis.
b)  Create new video content and re-edit existing material for social media platforms.
c)  Manage social media channels (Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook) for both brands.

As the team grows, most of the route work above would be removed from your plate and your role would shift to focus on purely creative work, managing advertising campaigns, and managing the team.


  • At the end of December, we will sit down together to review your progress, roses, and thorns. Assuming all parties think this is a good working relationship, NIILC is looking for someone who would be excited about helping us scale for at least three years (ie the end of 2025).
  • The position will be remote, except for one day a week where optimally we would meet in a central location in downtown Richmond (this is optimal but negotiable).
  • The goal would be for you to grow on the job, eventually managing a team of advertisers and grassroots marketers.


Your evaluation will be based on:

  • Increased engagement on each social media platform.
  • Increased sales at each physical retail location.
  • Number of approved visual assets created each month.


In order to be considered for this position, please reply with a resume and cover letter including your ideal work culture, your five favorite hobbies, and your social media handles as well as your goal compensation and benefits.

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Naasakle International LLC (NIILC) is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting as many women as possible as holistically as possible through three business lines. Eu’Genia is an EWG Verified and Allure Best in Beauty Award winning multi-purpose balm sold in Anthropologie, JCrew, and QVC among others. Mother’s Shea is an affordably priced and Vogue-loved vegan cream sold in Target and Walmart. NIILC also sells raw shea butter directly to consumers through Amazon. Founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete, and currently run as a one woman show, NIILC is looking to build a team as it continues its national expansion.


• Candidate must have active accounts on SnapChat, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. • Candidate must have at least one year of Photo/Video editing and graphic design experience. • Candidate must have at least one year of experience advertising through social media and Google Adwords. • The ideal candidate is socially dynamic, kind, thoughtful, compassionate and responsible.