We’re an education company with a specialization in teaching licensed professionals how to treat muscle dysfunction…i.e.pain, and tightness. We are located south of Denver, CO

We are launching our first-ever license agreement to teach a new program relating to exercise and golf.

We are searching for a writer to write (under our guidance) our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for this license agreement. We want to ensure that all of our licensees adhere to our guidelines and rules.

Items we would like to cover are:

  1. Purpose of the SOP: What the SOP is and what it includes
  2. Licensee Use: How and when it’s used (i.e. during training, after training support, etc)
  3. Definitions/Acronyms: A list of the process, systems or technologies, and acronyms.
  4. Procedures: Describe the steps in each therapy process include any visuals, charts, etc. Include text, visual images, and video links to training)
  5. Equipment (“how to use” steps)
    1. Step 1 – Operating Equip and Task(s)
    2. Step 2 – Using Equip and Task(s)
    3. Step 3 –  Treating and Task(s)
  6. Treatment Techniques (steps in the treatment process with stim equip)
    1. Step 1 Task(s)
    2. Step 2 Task(s)
  7. Client Protocols (steps in evaluating and treating patients)
    1. Step 1 Task(s)
    2. Step 2 Task(s)
  8. Reference Materials
    1. Links to videos and other support information.
  9. Licensee Support
    1. Details on how licensees get support for equipment, treatment, and patient questions and issues (i.e. email request, phone call, etc.)
  10. Use of Logos and related branding (this can be a separate manual – can be the same for all licenses)
    1. Guidelines for advertising and promotion
    2. Submission and Approvals
    3. Logo colors, designs
    4. Do’s and Don’ts

The candidate should have a background in creating SOPs. Ideally, creating SOPs for a Franchisor and/or a Licensor is HUGE PLUS.

The coordinator will be working between our company and our legal team for this project.

After this SOP project is complete, we will be looking to hire a “licensee coordinator”.  This future job will be a full-time contract position.

If interested, please contact me to discuss questions, clarifications, timelines, and costs associated with this project.

Thank you

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Denver, Colorado-based, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a revolutionary approach that reduces muscular imbalances, pain, and joint instability.

MAT is a non-invasive technique, designed to balance the muscular system of people of all ages; a unique systematic format used to "jumpstart" muscles allowing them to function with maximum efficiency.

Improving the efficiency of muscle function in this manner has been shown to be associated with injury prevention, improved performance while also having a powerful role in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.


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