Multistate Land Investments, LLC is seeking an organized, analytical and creative Marketing Manager to join their team. Multistate Land Investments is in the business of locating and purchasing vacant land online in a simple, affordable and transparent fashion.

The Marketing Manager will be responsible for marketing vacant properties of undeveloped real estate and responding to/engaging with leads to make sales. The Marketing Manager will coordinate all property marketing efforts including working with a photographer, preparing ad copy, listing the property, and other marketing related activities. The expected work hours are between 10-20 hours per week; the time commitment will depend on the number of properties in inventory and the response to our marketing efforts, which fluctuates.


·  Coordinating with a photographer to shoot new properties.

·  Coordinating with video editors to produce marketing videos for new properties.

·  Writing engaging copy to market properties.

·  Posting listings for new properties on the business website, listing sites, and Facebook.

·  Writing and sending a weekly “Deal of the Week” email.

·  Other high-level marketing activities that develop as the business grows.

·  Responding to and engaging with leads over the phone, by text, and by email.

·  Answering questions from leads regarding land use, pricing, and the sales process.

·  Generating sale and transfer documents for review by the business owner.

·  Meeting with business owner a minimum of once weekly to plan marketing activities.


The incumbent must have strong communication skills and demonstrated success in working independently. The ideal candidate must have reliable internet and phone service and is able to respond to leads in a timely fashion. In addition, the candidate must:

·         Have prior sales experience

·         Is willing and able to adapt to changing business needs

·         Is confident and comfortable engaging with sales leads

Is familiar with or proficient in electronic signature services (SignNow), Google products (Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Mail, Google Slides), Trello, and WordPress.

Is interested in finding a long-term opportunity, learning about real estate, becoming a real estate investor, or running a small business.

There is exponential room for growth with Multistate Investments LLC. Over time, this position can assume responsibilities on the acquisition side of the business. Given the unique nature of this marketing and sales role, the compensation is structured as follows:

(1)   Marketing: Marketing duties are compensated on hourly basis commensurate with skill level. Rate is $15/hour during training and $20-25/hour thereafter. If the role expands to include work related to acquisitions, compensation will be hourly at the same rate.

(2)   Sales: Sales-related tasks are compensated on a commission basis. Commissions average 7% of the margin on each property sold depending on how quickly the property is sold and is capped initially at $2,500 per sale.

(3)   Bonus: A discretionary year-end bonus based on overall performance.

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