I am looking for an individual who can partner with me to help my work life as an accountant with my own firm run seamlessly.


I need someone whose strengths compensate for my weaknesses – someone who is attentive to details like I am and has the patience to keep me on track so that the flow I experience when I’m doing what I love doesn’t cause me to veer off course.


My assistant will play a key role in preventing important things from falling through the cracks, helping me find a good balance with work responsibilities. I need a self-starter with critical thinking and independent judgment and decision-making skills. If you are familiar with Gretchen Rubin’s tendencies, I’m looking for an Upholder, someone who is intrinsically satisfied with a job well done, with reaching the finish line, with feeling like they truly earned a gold star.


Your mission as my assistant would be to stay five steps ahead of me, tracking my calendar and administrative details, and clearing the path for me to make the greatest contribution to our clients and my business.


I need someone who can anticipate my needs at an exceptionally high level, allowing me to complete complex tax work for my clients at the highest level of accuracy and efficiency possible, as well as develop business, vision and strategy so that my firm can reach our revenue and profitability goals.


While repetitive tasks are certainly part of this position, the tasks assigned can vary from week to week based on my needs and the needs of the business. The most important responsibility will be to ensure that tasks and projects are completed with a high level of efficiency, confidentiality, accuracy, flexibility, and positivity.


Overall Requirements:

1. Daily check-in for 10-minutes to review priorities for the day, urgent items and roadblocks

2. Hours: Typical hours for this role are 2-3 hours per day; there may be a need to work flexible hours.

3. Compensation: $30-$35 / hour based upon performance levels achieved

4. Payment schedule: Monthly

5. Status: 1099 Employee / Independent Contractor

6. Work from home with access to WIFI, in space designated for the sole purpose of this work




● Schedule meetings on calendar

● Calendar proofing: review calendar; confirm appointments with me. Goal: have every appointment for the following week fully confirmed and reminders set for me.

● Calendar conflicts and rescheduling: Scan the calendar for upcoming meetings 2-3 weeks out to ensure there are not any calendaring conflicts that need to be discussed.  Includes rescheduling doctors and other personal appointments.